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Tata Motors claims HBX concept 97% close to production at Auto Expo 2020

Tata Motors has been able to live up to the expectations of the fanbase at Auto Expo 2020 with their super showcase of models and concepts. However, there were two concepts which stole the spotlight: Tata Sierra and Tata HBX. Even though the Sierra, for now, is more of a future ambition, the HBX concept is extremely close to production and is reaching that milestone at a good pace. 

This compact-SUV, which is going to be launched with a name different than HBX, is placed in the same segment as Nexon, but right below it. The launch for this model is scheduled for later this year. The first time the HBX concept was displayed globally was during the Geneva Motor Show of 2019. However, during that point, it was displayed as the “H2X concept”. But, after a series of interesting events, this concept received the “Hornbill” moniker. Following this, Tata Motors made a few tweaks and launched the concept as the “HBX”, a mixture of Hornbill and H2X, at Auto Expo 2020.

The Vice President of Tata Motors (Global Design) released Dee sketches of the HBX concept model on social media. His post indicated the fact that this mode was 97% close to being in production. Now, as a motorhead, it sounds thrilling, but one can never be too sure! The scepticism stems from the fact that the sketches look truly premium and super and too good to be true. However, it is also being said that only certain elements like the hood scoop, fog lamps, wheels, and few interior elements are making it to the final cut. 

The concept, proportions, and lines of the concept were inspired by that of a rhinoceros. There have been previous cases where the aesthetics of a model were developed by taking inspiration from an animal, however, the HBX concept does true justice to this strategy. It truly resembles the “Rhino DNA”. The compact SUV is being presented as an adventure-ready-off-roader, however, the manufactured version will be a sub-four-metre front-wheel-drive urban model. 

The concept of the HBX is different from that of the Harrier, but if only the individual components of both are considered then they are exceptionally similar. However, this will not be an obstacle for the company. Tata Motors has made a name for itself when it comes to manufacturing well-rounded components and parts in various segments. On top of that, the Indian automobile market continues to take an unusual approach to the segments such as terming raised hatchbacks as SUVs or compact-sedan abominations, etc. 

The design department of Tata Motors truly deserves a standing ovation. They have outdone themselves with the theory, styling, and overall concept of the Tata Sierra. The company has initiated the process of raising the standards of the Indian automobile industry and other brands have started to follow this trend. 


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