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Ferrari has unveiled their 2020 F1 car – SF1000!

Ferrari’s 2020 F1 challenger is called the SF1000. And there is a reason behind the name. At some point in this season, Scuderia Ferrari will be the first team ever to take part in 1000 Formula 1 Grands Prix in 2020 when F1 celebrates it’s 70th year!

The SF1000 is Ferrari’s 66th car for F1. The car was built entirely in Maranello and launched yesternight at the Romolo Valli Municipal Theatre in the town of Reggio Emilia. Although this year’s technical regulations have changed very little since 2019, the new car is significantly different to last year’s SF90. The changes are aimed at optimizing aerodynamic downforce and balance.

For the 2020 season, the Ferrari 065 power unit represents a step forward in the combustion efficiency of its Internal Combustion Engine, due mainly to two factors, a new design and a new fuel. A new Turbocharger and Energy Recovery System have been developed in order to maximize the overall Power Unit performance. As part of the overall concept of the 671 car, the PU layout design has focused on being as compact as possible, while also rationalizing the weight and size of the Energy Store.

The SF1000 is the seventh car built to race in Formula 1’s hybrid era, which began in 2014. Its name reflects the fact that, when we get to the ninth race of this year, the Scuderia will have taken part in a thousand Grands Prix. Ferrari made its Formula 1 debut on 21 May 1950, in Monaco, in the second ever championship Grand Prix.

The Maranello team is the most successful in the sport with 16 Constructors’ titles, 15 Drivers’ and 238 Grand Prix victories. Although, Ferrari have constantly failed to get ahead of Mercedes’ consistency in the sport especially since last 2 years. Will this new car and Ferrari’s focus on Charles Leclerc change that? Will Lewis Hamilton equal Michael Schumacker’s record or will the real Sebastian Vettel finally stand up? We’llfind out soon.

The 2 Ferrari drivers are eager to drive the new beast and they won’t have to wait much longer since, pre-season testing starts from the 19th of February.Stay tuned!


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