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If you doubted the new Landrover Defender’s capabilities, you won’t anymore! – Video

The iconic Landrover Defender was brought back by the British marque brand in 2019. It opened to quite some backlash for apparently, not carrying over the true “Defender” styling. Well, Landrover posted a video that might put an end to all of that!

The Defender was launched as Landrover’s no non-sense rugged and extremely capable off-roader. But, many fans of the original didn’t really like how it looked and had even started to question it’s capabilities based on just the looks. Although, the actual buyers of this vehicle were not at all sad! Those who had a previous generation model, lined up to book one with their choice of configuration. And at a significantly lower price than Mercedes’ G63 or the G-class, it was a no brainer.

But, Landrover loves it’s fans. SO, the company just posted a video to let the fans enjoy a sight of what the Defender can actually do. And how do they prove it? By casting it in a James Bond movie doing what 007 does. Impossible stuff! Only, we believe that the Defender can actually do it. Here, watch it yourselves:

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