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2020 Kia Sorento power-train and platform details revealed!

Kia Motors have revealed the next generation Sorento’s platform and power train details. This SUV will be the first car based on Kia’s brand new platform.

The production for the new Sorento is expected to commence sometime later this year. The shorter overhangs, the compact engine bay structure and the longer wheelbase ensures the car is inevitably stylish and provides extreme riding comfort.

The new Sorento’s overall length has been increased by 10mm while the wheelbase by 35mm. This ensures that the cabin and cargo space will now offer more room than all the other mid-size SUVs. With “intelligent packing”, this SUV will offer a much larger cargo space too!

The first generation Sorento from 2002 dominated the U.S. roads with its body-on-frame chassis, all-road ability and of course, maximizing space. Following this, the monocoque structure of the Sorento from 2009 was launched. This was a shift towards changing the model’s on-road behavior and character.

But, as per Kia’s statements, this new generation model will be a leap towards setting new standards of efficiency, practicality, and quality within the mid size SUV segment.

The structure and the layout of the platform will accommodate the new SmartStream turbo hybrid power train. This will be the case for North American, European and Korean versions. This new power train is equipped with a 1.6 liter T-GDi and can provide a power of 230 PS and torque of 350 Nm. The battery is a 1.49 kWh lithium-ion polymer pack along with a 44.2 kW motor.

The “intelligent packing” also means that the battery pack can be put under the passenger cell without having any impact on the cabin or boot space. It is expected that variants of engines and power trains will be made available in the future.

Also, the Korean and North America versions will 2.5 liter T-GDi SmartStream engine which can dish out 281 PS and 421 Torque. This engine is matched with a 8DCT and combines multi-point injection technology with direct injection. This combination enables the model to adapt the combustion cycle to various engine speeds resulting in enhanced performance and efficiency.

The Multi-collision Brake system developed by Kia will also be made available with this model. This system ensures to reduce the severity of collisions. It applies the brakes automatically after the airbags have been deployed ensuring occupants are protected from any further secondary impact. This system will be available based on the market. A total of eight airbags will be available with knee airbags and front seat center side airbags.

Additionally, depending on the market, the model will also be equipped with a remote smartphone Surround View Monitor. This will allow the user to check their vehicle surroundings using the smartphone. Additionally, this feature will enable the user to park with ease as well.

The model is set to make its debut at the Geneva International Motor Show 2020 scheduled for March 3rd. Owing to Kia’s success with the Seltos, this could very well be the car that could take the Fortuner’s market share in India. Moreover, the sense of luxury, practicality and finish on offer is up to the level of the German luxury SUV’s. If priced right (which it will be), the Sorento can be a serious hit. Although, because Hyundai will also be launching the new-gen Santa Fe (very similar to Sorento) and MG will bring in the Gloster, Kia will have to pull out a serious trick to make it shine.

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