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Bentley Mulliner Bacalar – A Thing of Beauty.

Bentley Mulliner – the oldest coachbuilding company, marked it’s return to the two-seater segment with the all-new Bacalar at it’s home in Crewe, England. The luxurious, open-air Grand tourer is at the helm of the return of this legendary coachbuilder.

With just 12 examples of this beauty being crafted, makes it a rare and super-exclusive vehicle to own with the perfect amalgamation of high-end luxury and superior performance. (All the 12 examples are already sold out.)

The Bacalar is aptly christened by Bentley while keeping the company’s tradition of naming its new vehicles over iconic landmarks. The Bacalar name is derived from the Laguna Bacalar, a lake situated in Mexico (renowned for its natural beauty) and is in line with the striking looks of this beauty.

The Bentley Mulliner operation will form a new strategy for the brand while offering three different lineups in its arsenal, namely Classic, Collections, and Coachbuilt. The Mulliner has a long history in coachbuilding which can be traced back to 1500s when the company’s main focus was on Horse-drawn carriages.

Bacalar is remarkably rare and is crafted as the most exquisite hand-built car while keeping the Bentleys traditions alive and also progressing the brand to a new era.

The new Bacalar is powered by an updated version of Bentley’s 6.0 litre, W12 Engine and churns out 650 bhp and 900Nm of torque. It also features an Active All wheel drive system. It sits on unique 22 inches tri-spoke wheels which enhances the overall stance of this thing of beauty.

On the interiors, Beluga leather, a heritage semi-gloss leather with finest natural wool is sewn together to form the dark-toned interiors. The steering is entirely wrapped in Alcantara leather. Each one of 12 examples features a unique clock face with an individual one of badging. The Bacalar also has the luxurious features dreamed and desired by humankind and some more.

While glancing at it, I can proudly say that It is the perfect union between modern-day technology and age-old traditions. But, the BIG question is whether even in all it’s luxurious glory and all units being sold out, would YOU pay £1.5 million for this highly modified Bentley continental GT… or would rather buy four of those models in their highest spec and still save some cash! Let us know in thew comments.

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