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Bentley opens up on the death of the Mulsanne

The Rise of SUV has taken a toll on the now dying breed of Sedans.

Mulsanne, once the pinnacle of what came from the house of Bentley, the revered Crewe based manufacturer, a car which was always more popular than the Rolls-Royce Phantom and the last of the dying breed of pushrod V-8’s is being retired now. Let’s see this in detail.

This could be reflected in the sales figure posted by the Brand. You see out of the 11,006 cars sold, half were Bentaygas. Mulsanne was mentioned nowhere in sales figures and this usually is because the sales numbers of that car are so low that the company has decided to omit it from the sale report. It shows, the Great King has been dethroned by the rise of SUV, which now sits at the top.

In recent interview with Top Gear, Bentley CEO Adrian Hallmark, opened up about the fall of the Mulsanne, how the once marvellous car is now being given a farewell. He went on with the earlier sales figure when 1200 cars were being sold annually when compared to a measly 500 sold last year. He also added that the segment in which Mulsanne is present is too small for a replacement and also because volume generated by it is too low to place an alternative in the segment and keep the model alive.

As a parting ode to the Mulsanne, the company will release 30 examples of the 6.75 edition (pictured below)and will finally retire it. After this, the Flying Spur will be the flagship sedan and is stated to be the most refined car built in Crewe and also sells much better than the Mulsanne by a whopping margin of 6 to 1. The new Comtinental Flying Spur Speed was also recently spotted which is the high performance variant of the car and this is Bentley’s way of compensating for the Mulsanne.

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