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Ferrari launches the ‘Back on Track’ programme for its working staff

For their people, Ferrari has started a voluntary service which can be used by the staff to check if they are infected with Coronavirus or not

It has been a tough year for the automakers in the world, as Covid-19 has forced auto motive manufacturers to stop production and stay shut. Currently, this is the only way to slow down the spread of the extremely communicable disease.

Most car brands have agreed and shut their industries down for a brief period, but this is at a great cost, as this will lead to sales being hit and that could furthermore set the company down a very difficult path.

Ferrari, the italian sports carmaker, shut themselves down temporarily on the 14th of March, and they were hoping that the situation would improve, which would allow them to start operations by the 27th of the same month.

Unfortunately, Italy, home of Ferrari, suffered greatly at the hand of Coronavirus, with 86,498 cases and 9134 deaths, and Ferrari since then has postponed their reopen production.

With the number of orders causing a backlog, Ferrari needed to find a way to start business again, and it seems that they have found a way, and they intend on bringing the show back on the road by next week.

‘Back on Track’ is Ferrari’s way of starting operations again, which would essentially lead to their factories in Modena and Maranello being opened up soon, along with their staff.

But one would ask, is it safe for the staff to be working in groups when a disease like Covid 19 is hovering around? Ferrari’s most paramount resource is their people, and they would not let them come in harm’s way just to start their business.

The prancing horse, has worked with a group of virologists and experts to make sure that the environment within the industries is safe and healthy enough to be used as a working space.

Furthermore, the industries will be checked by Italian health officials, who will provide the final yes/no on the plants being opened. About ‘Back on Track’ this programme can be used by the working staff at Ferrari, and this will allow them to get their blood tested to know if they are infected with Coronavirus or not.

Even the family members of the staff can have them checked, thereby making sure that there is no way that the staff could catch the infection, while being at home or in work.

Last but not the least, the voluntary programme also offers a medical app, which provides the workers with tips on monitoring and avoiding the highly contagious disease.

The details on the health of the employees will be shared with the regional health authorities, and this will be shared while respecting the privacy of the individual to whom the health reports belong to.

Apart from looking after the health of the employees with respect to Coronavirus, Ferrari is also concerned about the mental health of their employees. If any individual turns out to be positive for Covid 19, Ferrari will make sure that the individual receives the best treatment.

The person infected with Covid 19 receive a free insurance package, a comfortable accomodation for the period of self isolation. Any necessary medical equipment needed, will also be made sure to be present for the infected person.

It is quite impressive and laudable the way Ferrari has decided to deal with this situation, and keeping the health of the employees in mind. At the end of the day, a company functions only because of the employees.

Without the employees, the brand is just a name. I hope other brands take particular interest in the well being of their employees, as this is a time when we need to care for one another.

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