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The Bentayga has been recalled by Bentley due to a fire risk

More than quarter of the Bentaygas sold are being called back because of a fault in the supply line connector as this could potentially lead to a fire hazard

Bentley Motors Limited, the automaker known for making ultra-luxury vehicles has a burning issue (pun intended) at hand, and this involves their sole suv Bentayga. According to a document by the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) “On some of the affected vehicles, the integrity of the quick connector of the fuel line located in the engine compartment may not have met the design specification.” Furthermore, the document also said “If a fuel leakage at the quick connector of the fuel line occurs, this may be perceived initially by an odor of fuel. Fuel leakage in the presence of an ignition source may cause a risk of engine bay fire.” However, Erin Bronner, Bentley’s spokesperson reported that none of the Bentaygas had caught a fire due to this faulty part.

Bentley does not want to take a risk, and have decided to recall about 6,000 units of the luxurious Bentayga, from which 1,892 units were sold in the USA and 783 of them were sold in the UK. An interesting thing to note is that only those Bentaygas have been affected which had been manufactured between January 2018 and March 2020. From the vehicles built within this time period, only 0.2 % of the vehicles have been affected. The fire risk can take place if a ‘fuel leak’ takes place because of the defect, and if it does take place, something like an engine would immediately catch fire, and the situation could go out of hand quite quickly. To deal with this issue, By the 31st of July, Bentley will inform the owners whose vehicle could be at risk, after which the vehicle will be taken in for service so that the faulty part can be replaced. This entire operation will be completed within and hour and there would be no costs which would be placed on the customers.

The W12 Bentayga had been introduced in 2018 for the Indian markets, at an eye-watering price of ₹3.85 crore while the V8 costed ₹3.78 crores (prices being ex-showroom). The last thing anyone wants is to see your their suv worth a few fortunes to go up in flames. The ones who own this flagship suv in India, it is likely that they would soon be contacted by Bentley Motors India so that their vehicle can be recalled.

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