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Spoiler alert! 2021 Merc S-class will have NFS like HUD – First insights video released

The 2021 S-Class is purported to be a technological marvel. The car will be officially unveiled in September but, the new MBUX system will be revealed for the world tomorrow.

Mercedes Benz is expanding on its digital platform Mercedes Me. And what better way to do it than releasing teasers for their upcoming flagship sedan, the S-class. Yes! I also thought that the S-class is in no way due for an update but, if we know anything about Mercedes its that they like to stay ahead of its competition by quite a margin. Whether it be Formula 1 or passenger vehicles.

Mercedes has released a video taking us on an insight into the technology of the car a day before the release of their new MBUX system. We get to see a really cool new HUD that gives you directional arrows. These really remind me of those we saw in older Need for Speed titles. The video also shows a new portrait oriented touchscreen infotainment screen along with a huge driver information display.



I feel there is one more reason for Mercedes to update their cars so quickly. Demand. Demand for Mercedes vehicles is showing no signs of a downward curve and it is only appropriate for the company to keep updating their vehicles in this technologically fast paced century. I mean we came from full-flat thick bezel screens to foldable bezel-less displays with finger print scanners in just about 6 years. Not only that, Mercedes is also pushing to promote their digital platform. If we have learnt anything this year, its that there is no certainty for any kind of physical gatherings/meetings for a long time. Hence, this digital expansion also gives the social-distancing fruit.

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