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Powerful new Portofino by Ferrari in 2021?

We may be looking at a fiery new Portofino next year.

The Portofino convertible has been the poster boy for Ferrari’s sports lineup. It’s a familiar face that most people recognize though they may not know the name. It has got all the styling cues and elements of a convertible with decent performance. Decent only compared to other cars in Ferrari’s lineup. All this aside though, the attention may soon shift towards the Portofino thanks to an EPA filing(Environmental Protection Agency) in the United States that was discovered and decoded by MotorTrend.

What does it suggest?

The filing is done for a vehicle that is vaguely referred to as the “2021 Ferarri F164 BCB”. Hard to decipher as it may be, educated assumptions can be assembled. For one, we know that ‘F164’ is the model code for the Portofino. Could this be a regular new Portofino for 2021 or something bigger? We’re hoping that the latter is true.

There is also a reference to a model code “F164 FL”. The “FL” could stand for an array of different things that are upgrades or just an EPA-compliant code. It is likely to be something more powerful and jaw-dropping.One practical possibility is ‘Fomula Libre’ which is  denoted by Ferrari’s own internal code ‘FL’.

Formula Libre is a form of racing that pits all types, makes and models against each other to finish on top. The name itself translates to ‘Free Formula’.

More information from the certification report shows that the F164 BCB will adopt its powertrain from the soon to release Roma coupe. This could mean a twin-turbocharged 3.9-liter V-8 engine with an output of 612 horsepower. That would be more than present in the current Portofino. If that’s the case, it would also include a new 8 speed gearbox.

Things may be looking up for the old gal if these facts and figures come into play. With upgrades to performance and power, here’s to hoping for a dapper new Portofino waiting on the horizon.

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