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Lucid Motors claims 20 minutes charge time for a 300 mile range for Lucid Air

Claims to make the fastest charging EV ever

Another day, another EV. The rat race of becoming the EV king is getting faster and interesting every day. Every company wants a piece of the pie. Every company wants to be the first player of some innovation and the best part is everybody, whether big or small, is working hard towards these goals. So let’s shift our attention from the usual Tesla and Benz and focus on this company which is still in its budding state.

Lucid Motors, a company founded in 2007 in Newark California, used to mainly be suppliers to big companies like Tesla etc, has now decided to get in this race of the king of the EV segment. Towards the same, the company has some scintillating claims, special on the battery tech side of things.

Their latest inbound project, the Lucid Air is claimed to have the fastest EV charge ever with a capability to charge at rates of up to 20 miles per minute — which translates to 300 miles in about 20 minutes. This charging time is possible by using a 900-volt charger with a peak charging rate of over 300 kW. By comparison, Tesla’s V3 Supercharger can pump out 250 kW, which comes out to around 15 miles per minute of charge. Pretty flabergasting right?

They also announced last week that the Lucid Air will have a mindblowing range of 517 miles, a roughly 28 per cent more than the current highest range EV available i.e. the Tesla Model S Long Range Plus.

And wait there’s more! They are also developing a technology which will give the world the first AC bidirectional charging. Currently, AC charging is only unidirectional i.e. from the station or port to the car but Lucid claims that they will develop such a technology with which you can charge your homes and appliances using your car( pretty useful if they launch this in India as we all know about the shortage) and this will not only be a breakthrough in EV technology but also in the whole concept of electricity!

As skeptical as one might be, Lucid has a proven track record of producing some pretty competent tech for the EV sector. They are one of the partners in the Formula E division and if they can run high-performance cars on battery, then they can surely achieve the rest.

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