An almost uncovered Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo caught tearing up at the Nurburgring

And we cant wait it to see it on the streets!

When the Taycan launched last year in September, it was a huge success. Finally, somebody other than Tesla could make a production-ready high performance electric and it was fantastic in every way. It looked like it came straight away from the movie Transformers, it had stunning interiors and a roaring EV powertrain of 761 BHP, it ticked all the columns or did it?

Whilst everything was perfect about the Taycan and it could easily compete with Tesla Model S and X, the one thing it lacked was practicality. It was more of a supercar than an everyday sedan and though it is almost foolish to ask for practicality, people did but and Porsche heard them out.

Its been a long time since people have been spying the long roof, practical version of the Taycan i.e. the Taycan Cross Turismo but now we can see the full package, almost naked.

The super EV( that’s what I like to call them) was caught testing at the Nurburgring and fit looks pretty sexy, to be honest. From design cues taken from the practical Panamera Sport Turismo, it now ticks all the boxes and can easily take on and even beat Tesla.

Not much has changed other than the long roof. A slight change in the front with only subtle nips and tucks. It carries the same LED configuration, as well.

Talking about the powertrain, it is expected to come with the same engines like the Taycan which means power outputs that range between 530 horsepower (395 kilowatts) and 761 hp (567 kW). We can expect a similar range as well, although we don’t want to pre-empt what Porsche has in store for its newest electric vehicle.

Of note, the Taycan Cross Turismo is only the beginning of a range of Taycan-based electric Porsches. We’ll know more about this development in the months or years to come.

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