Kia to rebrand itself with a new logo in early 2021

Kia will officially roll out Plan S, the "S" standing for "Shift" in early 2021.

Kia has been going through quite a makeover. Once dubbed as a rather uninteresting and so-so carmaker, Kia has been working on becoming a creating a more exciting and desirable brand image, with great cars like Seltos, the K5 and the new Sorento. The Korean manufacturer also has a pretty decent sports sedan in the form of the Stinger GT in its line-up to speak to the younger generations. But this makes only a part of the what Kia has in store in its “Plan S” aimed at introducing a new Kia, literally.

Kia will officially roll out Plan S, the “S” standing for “Shift” in early 2021. According to a report from Automotive News, Kia global’s CEO Ho Sung Song wants the brand to be “more dynamic, stylish, and inventive,” with a stronger emphasis on electric vehicles. Kia promises a lineup of at least 11 EVs by the year 2025, which involves a rather sizeable $25 billion investment.

Kia’s upcoming EVs will ride on a new moderately priced Electric-Global Modular Platform (E-GMP), which is also shared with Hyundai. The brand expects its EVs to generate at least 20 per cent of worldwide sales by 2025, owing to the relatively low-cost platform; a market share that is expected to only increase by 2029.

The “shift” at Kia will also be signified by the launch of a new logo, which was first seen on the electric Imagine concept car last year. The use of the new logo on production vehicles was officially confirmed in February when patent filings leaked and apparently will debut on new cars next year.

The new Kia logo ditches the traditional circular surround and places the three letters in a connected form, and gives them a more italicised treatment, making the logo look a lot more modern than the one currently in use. The stylish new wordmark can be expected to be seen as early as January of 2021.

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