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Specs for this Ford Mach-E 1400 might just blow your mind

So how do they turn a Four-door electric SUV into a scary drift monster for Halloween?

This is the Ford Mach-E 1400, built as a joint project by Ford Performance and RTR Vehicles, the same people who made Ken Block’s Hoonigan. Seems like Ford wanted to give their new electric SUV some promotional boost, or eco-boost, as it’s probably called at Ford.

So how do they turn a Four-door electric SUV into a scary drift monster for Halloween? Well, you give it seven motors and a rear wing that shouts look-at-me more than Elton John’s jewelry.

The ‘1400’ in the name, as you’ve probably already guessed, stands for its 1400 horsepower. Electric power means you have all the torque available from 0 rpm, and the Mach-E 1400 has a lot of it, 4,500 lb-ft to be precise. That and the fact that it weighs a little over two tonnes means that this baby is in fact, a lean, mean drift machine.

Inside you get four sport seats, so you can give the old lady in your family a heart attack, and a light-hearted “fun-haver” script on the steering wheel, if you were ever confused what you’d do with a 1400hp SUV. There is also a knob that controls where the power is sent, which is usually split 43:57 front:rear, with 3 motors up front, and 4 motors in the rear. Oh and apart from having a 4WD drift mode, the Mach-E 1400 also has a track mode, where the rear wing really comes into play, providing a tonne of downforce, literally!

Want one? we bet you do, sadly this tire smoke churning monster is only a one-off prototype. But hey, at least you can get the regular Mach-E, it’s practically the same car, except for everything (but the chassis).

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