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Audi RS Models Set New Record

Because thank god some people love the RS6 Avant a bit too much!

Audi happens to be one of the very few, and even-more-so lucky automakers to end 2020 on a high. High sales figures, to be clear. It ended last year with the most successful quarter in the German manufacturer’s history. Mainly, it has its RS models’ range to thank for as it saw a 16% spike in sales over the last year. God bless, the R8, RS6 Avant, and the TT-RS, then.

Audi Sport, the full-blown performance division of the German marque responsible for making arguably one of the best sports car, and an estate, released its financial results days ago. The number of RS models sold stood at 29,300 units. What’s more impressive is that Audi as a whole sold nearly 1.6 million vehicles last year.

Audi delivered well-over 500,000 cars between just three months, October-December, last year, while it managed to make 1,692,773 people happy by delivering their Audi of dreams for the 2020 year. The year-on-year figures represent an 8.3% drop, but markets like China saw growth with 727,358 vehicles sold with an increase of 5.4 percent.

Audi’s e-Tron models also showed a 79.5% surge in sales and are now the global leader among EVs made by German premium manufacturers. In the US, deliveries dropped by 16.7 percent, but strong SUV sales indicate that 2021 will see positive growth. See, everybody’s loving them SUVs!

Audi is currently welcoming Dr. Sebastian Grams, Head, Audi Sport, but in the background, it has already set its focus on its e-tron lineup, including the soon-to-arrive-hooligan, the RS e-tron GT.

However, one should not get carried away with the figures of Audi Sport as it was way behind its rival, BMW’s M division. For the same duration, BMW sold a humongous 144,218 M-badged cars representing a 6% increase than the previous year.

No matter what the figures be, for as long as it is increasing and people with money are spending ludicrous amounts on performance cars, the automotive industry is happy.

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