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Aston Martin Valhalla coming… and it’s coming quick

2023 is the promised year now and we dearly hope it happens!

There was a time, only some years ago, when McLaren, Ferrari, and Porsche, all showed the world their capabilities in the form of the P1, LaFerrari, and the 918 Spyder, respectively. Those special machines later formed the “Hypercar Holy Trinity” for the immense amount of power they showcased. Fast-forward to a new decade, Aston Martin is *really* on the verge of increasing the stakes.

Let’s introduce the Aston Martin Valkyrie – a hypercar that is like no other, not even the Mercedes-AMG One, Rimac C_Two, Aspark Owl. Well, it loses out to the likes of the hooligan Lotus Evija and Pininfarina Battista. Nonetheless, the point being made here is that AM has bet big on the Valkyrie, with F1 car(s) designing guru Adrian Newey taking charge of the project.

However, to my surprise, Aston has decided to initiate the company’s second hypercar project, even though the Valkyrie hasn’t even begun with its deliveries! Clever?

Like what you see?

Anyway, Aston’s strategy, not ours. So then, let me tell you what is this fuss all about, and why is Aston Martin hoping for a big turnaround with the Valhalla. For starters, owing to AM’s current financial situation, it needs the big bucks to flow in, something they already expect from the DBX. Secondly, the AM-RB 003 (Valhalla for short) will be a more comfortable and usable car to well, use, when compared with Valkyrie.

Enough with the explanation; let’s talk power!

A newly-developed V6 (related to Aston’s current 5.2L twin-turbo V12) will become Valhalla’s heart, with a KERS-style hybrid system for that extra punch, and while the performance level isn’t going to mirror the figures found in the mental Valkyrie, Aston Martin says the performance will be similar to the LaFerrari and P1.

Aston says the Valhalla will be more comfortable than the Valkyrie.

Another place where Valhalla replicates or at least tries to is its body – made almost entirely from carbon fiber, with most of the downforce being generated by elements under the car directly resulting in a smooth, streamlined shape on top. Another element will be added on the rear wing which will later become a flexible surface and enable downforce to be altered without the wing’s angle moving meaning less drag and wind noise.

Continuing with the silly yet, necessary tech, the Valhalla will feature a sealed oil system meaning the oil can be changed in under 90 seconds! Take that, Bugatti.

Because when you’re doing in excess of 200mph, knowing at what rate is your heart beating, helps.

The carmaker is expected to produce 500 units of the Valhalla (coupe), whereas the possibility of a convertible spec still is to be confirmed. The last time CEO Tobias Moers gave an update on the Valhalla, he mentioned the deliveries would begin in 2022, but as of now, that has been pushed to the second half of 2023.

Reason? His team is “reassessing” the design, including the powertrain. He says a revised concept would be shown to potential buyers within the next four months. That’s decoded then, you wait for the Valkyrie, and then you wait for an even longer period for the Valhalla.

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