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Porsche might own almost 50% of Rimac Automobili

And we're looking at Bugatti's involvement as well

Rimac Automobili and the VW Group (Porsche) continue with their talks of the latter owning an even-bigger stake in the Croatian EV hypercar brand and supplier – Porsche already owns 15.5% and now, the founder of Rimac, Mate Rimac, has stated in an interview with Germany’s Automobilwoche that the stake could increase to a little below 50%.

Rimac, if you remember, was looking to buy a controlling interest in Bugatti. Rimac and Koenigsegg have had a partnership for a while now and now we’re looking at Porsche looking to have a stake just below 50% in Rimac. If this will not be the super/hyper-car marquee to beat in the future, I don’t know what will. I mean imagine an F1 team from Rimac with the expertise and components from Porsche and Koenigsegg!

Important to bring to your knowledge is that Porsche, as of now, is taking part in a fundraiser to guide Rimac and generate any amount between $157 million to $181 million. Other investors include the likes of Hyundai and Jaguar, but Porsche remains the ‘top-boss’.

Mate Rimac, Founder, Rimac Automobili.

Now, you probably would’ve heard that Rimac is interested in owning Bugatti and well, the VW Group is interested in selling it, but, every time there was a question regarding this potential move in an interview, it was sidelined with ease. However, rumors have been made to do the media rounds again…

Sources from the auto industry hint at a move that could see Bugatti being transferred to Rimac as part of the ‘Porsche-Rimac’ deal. Although Rimac’s founder has kept his words and said that the focus of his company is not the vehicle production, but a tech, and components supplier, instead. Interesting.

Bodes well, I say, for Rimac because we all know, don’t we, that Bugatti doesn’t build as many cars in a production year as say, Mercedes, BMW, or Audi does. For that matter, even Porsche. “Supercars have a limited market, the market for components is much bigger. That is why we are planning to expand our company,” he said.

The holy place where legends like the EB110, Veyron, Chiron, are born.

The deal will also witness Rimac, doubling its workforce from 1,000 to 2,500 by 2023, making it the best possible scenario for Ettore Bugatti’s company, and its long-term future and stability. More on that, Porsche execs have further commented that Rimac and Bugatti would be a good technological fit, should Bugatti decide to go full-blown electric. Oh, what a sad piece of information.

But, and a man-sized but here, all of these are nothing but rumors. Though if I had to take a wild guess, my bets would be on the Rimac-Bugatti association taking place. Until that is confirmed, cheers to Porsche and Rimac!

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