Genesis reveals concept ‘X’ – Hyundai’s luxury wing targeting the luxury EV’s

Well, look’s like Hyundai is preparing an X-Men team to compete with Iron Man's Tesla!

Hyundai’s luxury car brand Genesis unveiled its electric grand tourer Genesis X Concept on March 30th in Los Angeles. As part of Genesis’s EV Transition, the South Korean brand plans to launch its first all-electric model this year and will eventually fill its lineup with zero-emission models in the future. The name ‘Genesis X’ is a combination of Genesis and the letter X, which symbolizes a “hidden hero.”The Genesis X Concept is the company’s 5th concept car, which sports its Two Lines theme throughout the exterior and interior. The Genesis X features the brand’s signature grille which is connected with two lines through the wheel arches. It comes with a low and wide profile with Lençóis Blue colour, which the company claims to be inspired by the lagoons of Lençóis Maranhenses National Park, Brazil. The front lights and LED rear lights of the concept car share the same design. The side follows the traditional GT model design with a long hood and a short rear, while maintaing its sports appeal with the turbine-type alloy wheels with five spokes.Genesis says it has kept a driver-focused interior design in this EV GT concept. The interior maintains the performance theme, with a gauge cluster, central control stack and console wrapping the driver in sustainable materials. While the cockpit and the driver’s seat flaunt Scotch Brown brown leather, the Ocean Blue Green passenger seat uses recycled materials and is woven in fabric. Concept X sports flat bottom two-spoke steering wheel.The center console has a new layout, the control unit has been replaced with a ball with integrated steering buttons. It features sophisticated design elements as Digital Side Mirrors and a Free-Form display, which manages various functions such as clusters, navigation and HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems. The Crystal Sphere Electronic Shift Lever integrates driving mode settings, adding a high-tech atmosphere to the interior (Not sure about Tesla but I’m highly intimidated by all these).Minimal drivetrain details have been offered by Genesis, but the concept’s powertrain is both electric and performance oriented to ensure the driving experience matches the exterior and interior design elements. We may not see an exact production version of the Genesis X, but we can expect future production models to be inspired by its looks and features.“The Genesis X Concept can be described as the ultimate vision of Athletic Elegance, the inherent design language of Genesis,” said SangYup Lee, Head of Genesis’ Global Design. “The signature Two Lines theme and sustainable luxury will be blueprints for the futuristic designs and state-of-the-art technologies that Genesis seeks to adopt in its future models.”According to its plan, Genesis will soon launch two electric car models, of which one model is based on the current GV70, and the sub-model will have a new name, developed on Hyundai’s E-GMP platform.

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