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THIS is the 765LT Spider! McLaren’s most capable drop-top yet

The name's 765LT Spider, the number of units produced will be 765, the horsepower it'll make is 755.

When McLaren revealed the 765LT Coupe early last year, I couldn’t believe what I saw – the 720S is, and always will be, the true beauty and the beast. But, the hardcore LT version took it one step ahead. My God, what a marvelous piece of machinery, this is. Now, we know for sure how the apparent successor to the 720S Spider looks – breathtaking. I like it.

I mean sure the Senna seemed like a worthy LT version of the 720S using the same engine and chassis (kinda) but, it wasn’t exactly affordable or even accessible to many. The 765 LT sits in the middle of the 720S and the Senna and is considerably cheaper and more accessible with its 765 production units for both the coupe and convertible.

The limited-run 765LT Spider is officially revealed now and is available to order now, too, mind you. The new Spider is McLaren’s most powerful convertible supercar and brings the highest-ever levels of driver engagement to the McLaren LT experience, as it does with minimized weight, track-focused dynamics, and optimized aerodynamics in a fine manner.

“As we continue to build the LT sub-brand with the introduction of the new 765LT Spider, it’s clear that our customers are increasingly attracted to the Longtail supercar proposition of exhilarating, extreme performance, and limited availability. With all 765 examples of the 765LT coupe sold, it’s no surprise that as we publicly announce our new LT Spider, production capacity for 2021 is already filled”, Mike Flewitt, CEO, McLaren Automotive.

Powering the 765LT Spider is the same, 4.0L, twin-turbo, V8, churning out 755hp and 590 lb-ft of torque from its Coupe cousin. All the power is sent to the rear wheels only (donuts, anyone?) via a 7-speed DCT unit that now accounts for 15% quicker in-gear accelerations. You will still hit 0-60 in 2.7secs, and 200kph in just 7.2secs (720S anyone?), going all the way until the 205mph top speed.

Now, since the Spider is a convertible, weight has been added, but not by a lot – only 49kgs is put on (still 80kg lighter than the 720S Spider, by the way), but McLaren has also thought about reducing as much weight as possible, starting with the mesmerizing quad-exit, full titanium exhaust system that happens to be 40% lighter than steel.

Similarly, being an LT version, extensive use of carbon fiber has been used wherever possible. The single-piece convertible roof features a carbon fiber frame within the Retractable Hard Top panel and creates a full carbon fiber shell when closed. Added benefits include improved headroom and the A-pillars to be moved further forward and allow for a sense of more space.

Oh, and yes – when you want to hear the quad-exit, the full titanium exhausts do their wizardry. You can easily lower the rear window even when the roof is still up. Continuing with the theme of weight reduction, McLaren has given the 765LT Spider carbon fiber-shelled racing seats, thinner glass, and nets instead of door pockets on the inside. To take it up a notch, you don’t get the radio and air conditioning as standard, or even carpets, but the former two can be added at no additional cost.

Since a lot of weight has been saved, let’s talk about its ability to take a corner without spinning. With the same highly evolved aerodynamic package as the Coupe, the Spider matches the Coupe’s outstanding aero performance in every respect, with class-leading downforce 25% greater than that of a 720S Spider. The company also calibrated the active rear wing to know when the roof is up or down. Thanks to Pirelli being McLaren’s Technical Partner, you will also have bespoke P Zero Trofeo R tyres on standard-fit 10-spoke Ultra-Lightweight forged alloys.

On the inside, it is typical 765LT, but with more carbon fiber almost everywhere. McLaren’s Special Operations division will also get its hands dirty with the 765LT Spider with its two MSO Defined packs – the Clubsport Pack and the LT Black Pack. The former reduces overall weight and increases circuit performance with several lightweight options and performance upgrades.

The aforementioned pack includes the likes of McLaren Track Telemetry with three cameras, Super-Lightweight Carbon Fiber Racing Seats, and a track brake upgrade featuring carbon-ceramic brake discs and bespoke brake pads from the McLaren Senna. And as for the LT Black Pack, as the name suggests, you get the tonneau, front splitter, rear bumper and diffuser, air intakes, and door mirror casings, all finished in Gloss Black.

Should you also seek individual upgrades, you can tell MSO to replace the aluminum hood with a carbon fiber hood finished in either body color or Gloss Finish Visual Carbon Fiber. Additionally, you could even bathe in carbon fiber when you decide to hold your steering wheel finished in a Satin Finish (carbon fiber), with even a Gloss Finish carbon fiber ignition key.

The UK price stands at £310,500, and all of the 2021 production is already booked.

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