Hyundai announces the i20 N-Line for India!

Expect the launch to be around next week

The N-Line is Hyundai’s take at performance cars, designed in a specific manner with certain performance-enhancing elements, and the i20 N-Line was revealed to the public by Hyundai India today. Those who think the N-line is a joke should know that its executive team has 3 members from BMW’s M division. We know they mean business. The car will be a performance variant of the current i20, and will sit above the currently-sold i20 price-wise. This MIGHT just start the trend for us Indians finally having a taste of performance hatchbacks. Finally!


The car has some distinctly sporty features over the normal i20, like a track-inspired front bumper, sportier suspension, and some seat and upholstery accents, the car is quite sporty by nature to say the least. The interior has also been spruced up, with N-Line badging all around the cabin of the car.

Mechanically, the car will be quite similar to the standard i20, with an option being given between a 1.0L and a 1.2L engine. The transmission will be limited to being an IMT automatic and no manual variant will be available. Sad. The tech features of the car will also be similar to the current i20, with the only changes being a new gear shift knob and aluminum pedals.

Hyundai should provide more details over the coming days, like the pricing and performance. This car will likely be one of the most popular hot hatches in the market upon its launch because well, it is the only TRUE performance hatch right now!

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