Hyundai launches the N-line brand in India with the i20 N-Line

Stunning design, better performance and an expected reasonable pricing.

The i20 N-Line has officially been released by Hyundai India, and it sure looks dazzling. This sportier version of the i20 can be booked right away, as Hyundai has started taking bookings at their “Signature” dealerships, or via their official website for a price of Rs 25,000.

Sportiness is baked into the DNA of the car. A chequered-flag inspired grille, stunning 16-inch alloys, a dual-exit exhaust and a sleek dual-tone bumper all make this car look amazing. The interior is all-black, with the usual bells and whistles of tech kitted into the car, like a touchscreen display with Android Auto and navigation features, plus features like 6 airbags, a sunroof and wireless charging all make the car very appealing to look at, and probably also helping ensure that the public engraves Hyundai into their minds when the words “hot hatch” or “sport hatch” are uttered.  But, don’t take my words, check it out yourself.

It would drive just as good as it looks as it comes with a 1.0L petrol engine producing 120hp and a 0-100 speed of just under 10 seconds. Yeaup! The engine is the same but, there’s a lot more. Paired with options between the smooth 6-speed iMT or a 7 speed DCT transmissions, this car is bound to be one powerful yet smooth to drive hot hatch. With no direct competitors in this price range, Hyundai might just have ensured the smoothest start for their hot sport hatch in India! Especially since it is expected to cost around 1.25 lakh over the top-spec i20, I’d say it’ll still be in a price range such that it’d be accessible enough for the public, which might at last, get newer fans interested in the hot hatch market of India, which is nothing but great news for car fanatics!

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