The London cab-styled hybrid taxi which has a 500km range!

Named the LEVC-TX, the cab can have 6 occupants at any one time, and is an electric-petrol hybrid

London Electric Vehicle Company (LEVC) is planning to bring their aptly-named TX model to India, which is designed exactly like a London cab. The car is built out of bonded aluminium, and has lithium-ion batteries powering the car. Although, what is with EVs and their multiple alphabets naming schemes?

The car has a whopping range of 510km, and can go an estimated 101km without producing any emissions as well thanks to the 33kWh electric motor. As the car is a hybrid, it has a 1.5L petrol engine sourced from Volvo, which kicks in when the battery pack runs out of juice.

The car has options for disabled passengers as well, and has many variant options as well. The car was unveiled at the company’s showroom in Delhi, where the car will be sold in partnership with a local brand called Exclusive Motors Pvt. Ltd., who will help sell the car in India.

The managing director of Exclusive Motors, Satya Bagla had this to say as well:

“India is an emerging market for electric vehicles, and there could not be a better time for LEVC to make its foray into the country. The technology, aesthetics and practicality of the vehicle is certain to win over the Indian customers in the days to come.”

-Satya Bagla, MD, Exclusive Motors

Considering the recent push for EV’s in the country, I feel that this car could change the Indian fleet taxi cab industry. The car’s iconic London cab style will turn heads, and if priced sensibly, it could be a serious contender! Pricing has not yet been revealed, though I feel that this car has the capability to be a gamechanger.


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