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The limited-edition Ferrari Daytona SP3 has been revealed

The car pays homage to the Le Mans Ferrari cars of yore, and is stunningly beautiful!

At the 1967 Daytona 24 hours race, Ferrari took the top 3 spots with the incredibly beautiful 330 P3/4, 330 P4 and the 412P. All 3 shot across the finish line side-by-side in a beautiful scene, which Ferrari says perfectly encapsulated the spirit of closed-wheel racing. Now, in 2021 they’re paying homage to these cars of yore!

The Daytona SP3 will become the second car to be a part of the Icona series by Ferrari, and the car will be a limited-edition car, with only 599 units being built! Though the car takes inspiration from the 1960’s, it is still for all intents and purposes a modern Ferrari, and the design is stunning to say the least!

On the inside, the interior takes inspiration from historic Ferrari’s like the 330 P3/4, 312 P and 350 Can-Am. The interior has been made in a way such that it retains modernity while remaining minimalist, and the seats are integrated into the chassis itself. Ferrari has gone so far as to make even the headrests independently adjustable without being attached to the seat itself, unlike some of it’s competitors! The chassis has been derived straight from F1, which has helped in weight reduction, a fantastic weight-power ratio and a low centre of gravity.

The car looks stunning and is incredibly aerodynamically efficient as well. Ferrari has said that this model needed the highest level of passive aero efficiency ever seen in a Ferrari. The cooling, management of airflow, and dissipation of thermal power all were given priority while deciding and finalising the design of the car! The car also has all-new Pirelli tyres- the P Zero Corsa, which ensure maximum stability even in low grip conditions.

And now, for the part most of us have been eagerly waiting for- the oomph factor of the car, i.e. the engine. Well, it’s not much (it’s well above being called “much”!). It’s a V12 – 65° engine producing  828HP/697NM, 9500RPM max revs and a top speed of over 340KPH. 0-100 takes just 2.85 seconds while 0-200 takes just 7.4 seconds thanks to the 7-speed automatic, so I think we can take a safe bet by saying that it’s a quick car! Seems like Ferrari took inspiration from their former driver Vettel’s radio message from 2019, and indeed brought back the V12!

The pricing is absent from the press release, but that won’t matter- it’s been sold out already! I’m certain not many of us would’ve had the pleasure of getting our hands on this car anyway thanks to it’s limited production numbers- though Ferrari won’t let that stop us from visualising our dream Daytona SP3! Their configurator on the website will let you build the Ferrari of your choice, while Ferrari’s top clients drive around in real-life counterparts of those builds 🙁 Anyways, that’s the limited-edition Daytona SP3, and after all we’ve seen, we can be certain that it’ll be one of the best Ferrari’s ever built!

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