The Maserati MC20 Convertible is on it’s way; expected electric variant in the future!

A prototype has been shown to the public by Maserati themselves, the car hiding under a layer of camouflage..

Maserati is gearing up for the imminent launch of the MC20 convertible, which will be the brand’s first mid-engined roadster in quite a while. Given how the hardtop MC20 is soon to go on sale, the decision to opt for a convertible version so early is quite a bold one by Maserati.

The body of the car will be made completely out of composite materials and carbon fiber, which is in line with how the coupe was designed. Maserati also has plans to launch an electric version in the future. None of the pictures released by Maserati showed the rear of the car and nor was a release date mentioned, so looks like Maserati likes to retain the element of suspense!

Not much else was revealed, so we can expect the powertrain to remain the same as the standard model; a monstrous twin-combustion twin-turbo 3.0L V6 codenamed “Nettuno”, which produces 621HP/729NM of power. A folding hardtop is probably on offer, so the weight of the car could increase by a fair bit thanks to it.

On the inside as well, the car would remain largely unchanged, with an all-digital instrument cluster and an infotainment system, both having 10.3″ screens. The interior is quite packed with tech, like wireless charging for phones and an always-connected onboard system.

A factor which is left to assumption is the price. Given how the MC20 costs around $210,000 it’s expected the convertible version will be offered at a premium compared to the standard MC20. Here’s to hoping that the car has a smooth launch, and isn’t subject to delays like those which happened with the Grecale!

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