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The Porsche Taycan is the new Formula E safety car!

One of the most popular EVs in the world will be at the forefront of the pinnacle of electric motorsport- only when a crash happens though!

The Porsche Taycan is probably one of the names which are on most people’s lips when the term “premium EV” is spoken. Well, today Porsche has confirmed that the Taycan will be the official Formula E safety car for Season 8 of the championship, which commences on 28th January.

The opening round at Diriyah in Saudi Arabia will be the venue for the car’s debut, and the car is not the standard run-of-the-mill Taycan. Adorned on the car are the colours of all 11 teams participating in this year’s championship, as well as the colours of the FIA and of Formula E. There is also a “22” on the car, symbolising the 22 drivers who will take part in this year’s championship. These small touches could be greatly appreciated in the long run!

“We’re proud that Formula E has entrusted a Porsche with this task – one that is important for the safety of its drivers,”

“With the Taycan Turbo S as the official safety car, we’re making an important contribution to track safety and also underlining the importance of Formula E for Porsche Motorsport. The distinctive design illustrates our commitment to the successful future of this innovative racing series. Although we’re rivals out on the track, we’re spreading this message to the world together. What’s more, we hope that this also enables us to appeal to a younger target audience who are not yet motorsport fans.”

-Thomas Laudenbach, VP, Porsche Motorsport


“Formula E is delighted the Porsche Taycan Turbo S will serve as the Championship’s safety car from Season 8,”

“The Porsche Taycan Turbo S is the pinnacle of high performance electrified vehicles and will light up Formula E city racetracks around the world. In designing the Formula E safety car, Porsche reimagined the critical on-track safety function to be a powerful symbol of the championship’s commitment to an electrified future and the unity of the competitors in the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship.”

-Jamie Reigle, CEO, Formula E.

With features like launch control, a 0-100 time of just 2.8 seconds and carbon emmissions of 0 kg/gm, the car is the best candidate for the role of the Safety Car! A top speed of 260 km/h also helps, and so do the other safety features of the car. The amount of tech inside the car will be monumental- it has to regularly be in contact with Race Control, have a fire extinguisher as well, the car meets all the requirements for the series- and it must be said that the car looks supremely “electrifying”! (Okay, how many times do I need to show myself out the door for this statement?)

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