This 3 wheel solar-powered Aptera beat a Tesla Model 3 in a drag race

No click bait in here, just pure engineering marvel.

I’ll forgive you for not knowing who or what is Aptera. Here’s a quick start guide. Aptera Motors is a US based company currently producing 3-wheel solar powered cars that can offer a range of up to 1000 miles on a single charge. The way they claim to be achieving this is through extreme weight reductions and aerodynamics. Probably why it achieved this feat of beating an Audi R8 and a Tesla Model 3 in a quarter-mile drag race. Although, Aptera didn’t provide which Tesla Model 3 was used whether a standard or performance/dual motor version. But, Aptera’s video description states that their accelration with AWD is 3.5 seconds and a Performance Model 3 accelerates in 3.3 seconds so this is definitely not Performance. The R8 is also unspecified but appears to be a Spyder so it could be a GT Spyder.

Aptera is currently operating out of San Diego, but it has shared its plans to relocate. Their new facility would be an 80,000 square-foot factory near Carlsbad, California. By the way, if you like this, you can reserve your Aptera sEV for just $100 right now! If the pre-booking amount or the drag race results are not enough, get this. Aptera says customers can drive up to 11000 miles in an year using solar power alone in ‘most regions.’ With states like Rajasthan and Gujarat having abundant solar supply, it can very well apply to India. I can see why a company like Mahindra could be interested in Aptera and revive their Reva electric as a 3-wheel, low cost, super-fast solar powered EV. Mr. Anand Mahindra, I hope you’re reading this. Check out the race below:

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