Mini India launches the Cooper SE at a starting price of Rs 47.2 lakh

With the launch of this, Mini also celebrates 10 years in India!

Mini India has officially launched the all-electric Cooper SE today. The car is being imported as a CBU and deliveries are expected to start sometime next month. But before you drop what you’re doing and rush to get your wallet out, beware- Mini said that all the available units were already sold out during the pre-booking launch which was done in the fourth quarter of 2021!

The Cooper SE despite being an all-electric car has an impressive range of 270km on a single charge, and is also quick at the same time- a peppy motor producing 184HP/270NM helps thrust the car from 0-100 in a matter of just 7.3 seconds! The battery pack is 32.6kWh by capacity and can be charged up to 80% in a matter of a mere 36 minutes with the help of a 50W charger- now that’s quick, isn’t it?

The car rides on 17 inch / 43.18 cmElectric Power Spoke alloy wheels, which have a yellowish outline to match with the car’s design language. As we have come to expect, the interior is loaded with the usual tech and gizmos, such as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto on the 8.8″ touchscreen, though what’s new is an all-digital 5″ instrument cluster, wireless charging and Harman Kardon audio system. There are also 2 airbags, stability control, crash sensor, cornering brake control and more on offer. There is also a system called brake energy recuperation, which is not much unlike the ERS system seen in F1 cars!

The asking price for it? Rs 47.2 lakh, ex-showroom. It is a CBU and does only have two doors hence the extra-premium price tag, though it will be interesting to see how sales numbers go. It also marks 10 years since Mini entered the Indian market, and it will certainly herald a new beginning, and we can expect to see more electric Minis come to India soon. The news of this launch however can’t be a surprise though, for we saw it coming a long while ago…

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