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BREAKING: Sebastian Vettel announces retirement at the end of the 2022 season!

The 4-time world champion made this announcement on his new Instagram Account

In an earlier interview, Vettel had clarified his animosity towards social media. He had also jokingly stated that he would make a social media account when he retires. And he did!

Today, there was a lot of hype as Vettel’s new Instagram account was seen, with the verified logo. Shortly after, his first post came up. A video, where he announced his retirement and shared his experience and love for the sport. He also addressed few social concerns upon which he would like to divert his attention to, apart from new challenges in the future.


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A post shared by Sebastian Vettel (@sebastianvettel)

One can never forget the legendary commentary screaming “Here comes Sebastian Vettel!” Seb turned from one of the most disliked drivers on the grid during his dominant times with RedBull to being one of the most respected ones. With 53 wins, 122 podiums and 4 world championships, Sebastian Vettel remains one of the most successful racing drivers of the sport and definitely among the top 5 of all time. From the day he made his debut, the Hamilton vs. Vettel rivalry turned out to be the best thing that happened to this sport as not only were they both very well respected by each other but, they went on to have the coveted bromance. All we’d like to say for him is this:

”Thank you Sebastian Vettel for your efforts and contributions to the sport and to the F1 community. You have always spread messages that the future generations will follow and you’ve went on to show what a true gentleman of the sport is supposed to be. You’ll be missed. Sincerely, CarThrust.”

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