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BREAKING: Oscar Piastri to drive for McLaren in 2023!

McLaren confirmed signing of the current Australian F2 champion ahead of FP2

Following a meeting with the Contract Recognition Board (CRB) on Monday, the dispute between Piastri, Alpine and McLaren was sorted out and a ruling was given by the board.

As such, it is confirmed that Oscar Piastri now has a multi-year deal with McLaren and will be driving alongside Lando Norris. Just ahead of the Free Practice 2 session at Zandvoort, the FIA issued a “Unanimous Decision that the only Contract to be recognised by the board is the Contract between McLaren Racing Limited and Mr Piastri dated 4 July 2022. Mr Piastri is entitled to drive for McLaren Racing Limited for the 2023 and 2024 seasons”. Both and Piastri and McLaren took to Twitter to share the news as soon as the ruling was declared by the FIA.

In response, a statement was also released by Alpine, “BWT Alpine F1 Team thanks the Contract Recognition Board (CRB) for convening on Monday and we acknowledge the decision they have made. We consider the matter closed on our side and will announce our full 2023 driver line-up in due course. Our immediate focus is the Dutch Grand Prix and securing points in our fight for fourth in the Constructors’ Championship.”

In the past month, a series of events occurred in the form of dominos falling over. As soon as Sebastian Vettel announced his retirement, Fernando Alonso declared that he would drive for Aston Martin Racing next season. Alpine immediately declared that Piastri would take the Spaniard’s place, but the young rookie refuted this claim. A couple of weeks later, Daniel Ricciardo announced that he would leave McLaren at the end of this year. It was known that Piastri was eyeing Ricciardo’s seat and would go for it. However, Alpine rallied their displeasure with Piastri’s conduct and threatened legal action against him, which led to the CRB intervening in to make a judgement.

In conclusion, it seems that none of the decisions made have gone in favour of the Alpine Racing team. But they do have a large pool of reserve drivers to choose from. Ricciardo would be proper fit into the team but there are also rumors floating that Pierre Gasly may also vouch for the seat.

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