Maserati goes electric with the New GranTurismo!

Maserati has unveiled the New GranTurismo with three variants Modena, Trofeo and an all electric Folgore edition. The GranTurismo Coupe is the latest sports car from the Italian car maker and its first attempt at making an all electric Powertrain.


The new Gran Turismo incorporates the original Maserati elegance in the design with a modern and aesthetic touch. While that is easy to implement in the Modena and Trofeo, Maserati has also managed to design the battery pack in a T shape which gives the Folgore the same sportscar design without any emissions. The passengers can sit lower, experience the luxurious cabin and also have an amazingly distributed weight of the car.

Engine and Specifications

The Modena comes with the smooth and loud 3.0-liter Nettuno V6 Twin Turbo that generates 490-hp while the high-performance Trofeo version uses the same engine and maxes it out to the power output of 550-hp. The talk of the town though, is the earlier unseen and unexpected completely electric Folgore variant on offer. With a battery capacity of 92.5 kWh and a discharge capacity of 560 kW, the Folgore variant gets a whopping 760-hp to the wheels. The battery setup achieved by Maserati has enabled them to contain the vehicle height to 1,353mm, without compromising its sporty nature.

The ‘T-bone’ shape of the battery intends to avoid placing the battery modules under the seats and moving them around the central tunnel which helps in lowering the car’s H-point. The Folgore is expected to propel the sportscar from 40-100kph in merely 2.7 secs and to a maximum speed of 320kph. To improve the sporty nature of the handling, they have also equipped it with All-wheel drive. These features are sure to place the Maserati into the golden list of manufacturers who have successfully implemented electric drivetrains in high-end sports cars.

The technology

The GranTurismo attempts to fit well in the philosophy of comfort with performance when it comes to the quality and features of the cabin. It comes with features like MIA Multimedia system, well equipped infotainment, a comfort display that integrates major functions in a touchscreen interface, a digital clock, and the Heads-up Display that can be added as an option. Maserati has developed an “all-round sound experience” for the customers who have a taste for the signature sound of the Maserati engines even for the Folgore. Its sound experience consists of a Sonus faber 3-D sound system which has up to 19 speakers and an output of up to 1,195W.

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