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The new Jaguar F-Type 75 marks the end of petrol cars for Jaguar from 2023

Jaguar F Type 75 will mark the end of the petrol powered heritage of Jaguar that will turn 75 years old in 2023. This will also be the last model that will feature the badge of the F-type which was one of the best looking sports cars money could buy. In competition with the Mercedes AMG SL, the F-Type Jag was offered in both open top and coupe forms and was loved by enthusiasts and casual drivers alike. The F-Type moniker will also be leaving with the F-Type 75 so, enjoy it in its full glory… while you can!

The Legacy of the F type

The F type was first launched back in 2013 in the world replacing the XK and entered India in the same year. This car was face lifted in the country in 2020. In the final year of production, the sports car will hit the world with the choice of a 300hp four-cylinder or two 5.0-litre supercharged V8, one with 450 hp and the other (in the F-Type R) producing 575 horsepower.

What is New?

The new Jaguar F Type 75 version revamps the V8 as they will be badged ‘F-Type 75’ for the penultimate year of production and will come with a set of distinctive features that set them apart from the standard F Type which will no longer be available with either V8 engines. The new features on the table include commemorative badging, gloss black wheels, Windsor leather performance seats and bespoke interior decorations.

A unique Giola Green paint option will also be available. It will also come with 20-inch alloy wheels as standard. You can find subtle changes to the wheel centres and the grille badge has been changed from red to black. The R-Dynamic badge accent colours have now turned black and grey instead of red and green. These changes have a resemblance to the Land Rover Defender 75 unveiled last month by parent company Jaguar Land Rover.

Powertrain of the F-Type 75 

The new model comes with a 2.0-litre turbocharged four-cylinder that gives 296 hp of max power. Its top speed is capped at 250 kmph and can accelerate to 100 kmph from a standstill in 5.9 seconds. There is also the 5.0-litre, V8 which comes with a supercharger. It produces 448 hp of power and 580 Nm of peak torque. The highest speed of this car is 285 kmph and it can achieve a 0-100 kmph acceleration in a limited time of 4.6 seconds. This engine also comes with a Quiet Start functionality.

What about the Inside?

Inside the sports coupe, Jaguar has designed all elements by keeping the driver at the center of attention with the configurable 12.3-inch driver’s display being the first proof of it. The customers are allowed to choose from either Sports or Performance seats, out of which the latter comes as standard. The seats can be heated and cooled as per convenience. The special edition also features Windsor leather as standard which provides a more luxury touch to the cabin.

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