Sony showcases Vision-S electric concept car at CES 2020

Today, at CES 2020, along with revealing a bit of information about the PlayStation 5, Japanese electronics giant Sony, surprised everyone by showing off its all-electric concept car named Sony Vision-S. The car, though in concept, could take the biggest of players in the EV segment, head on.

This concept vehicle features a total of 33 sensors and this includes CMOS and ToF sensors that are embedded inside the car itself. The company says that the sensors are designed to detect both people and objects within and outside the car.

This will enable features like autonomous driving, 360 Reality Audio tech, and wide-screen displays. But Sony emphasis that the real innovation lies in fusing the data collected from all those things to produce cleaner data with fewer errors.

CMOS sensors from Sony, similar to the ones used in its cameras, are already being used in vehicles like the Toyota Corolla and Lexus NX. So, the Japanese giant isn’t all new in this smart car category.

There are also dedicated displays that provide a live view of what the wing-mounted cameras see in real-time. Sony has partnered with industry leaders to build this prototype, including Bosch, Continental, Genetex, Magna and Nvidia.

Do note that Sony isn’t going to launch this Vision-S car in the market commercially as it is not going into production. The car was showcased today just to show how far and capable the company is in pushing technology.

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