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Mercedes-Benz India launches the striking New GLE

Mercedes-Benz always have great lineups for all categories and right now we are going to focus on the SUV line-up. The LWB GLE is a model that comes with the best of all features that Mercedes-Benz has to offer. It has an excellent exterior design, compliant with BS-6 norms, and a powerful driver assistance system. Like always, we take a quick glance at the safety features. The GLE 400 d comes with nine airbags while thE GLE 300 d comes with seven airbags. Additionally, there is an active brake assist system and a blind spot assist system as standard. It is said that the new LWB GLE is one of the safest amongst the SUVs running on roads.

Mercedes-Benz is the largest luxury car manufacturer in India and the company has finally launched the latest generation of GLE featuring the long wheelbase. This latest model provides the latest technology which is offered in any SUV currently on Indian roads. There is a combination of superlative on and off-road driving features with a luxurious and spacious interior. All thanks to the long wheelbase! The interior design takes inspiration from the contrast between elegance and luxury and the digital technology of the new MBUX system. Vice President (Marketing and Sales) of Mercedes-Benz India, Mr. Santosh Iyer and Managing Director and CEO of Mercedes-Benz India, Mr. Martin Schwenk launched the brand new GLE in Delhi.

Talking about the launch, Mr. Schwenk said, “At Mercedes-Benz, we know the customers’ pulse and our endeavor is to offer them with product offerings that are best-in-class. The GLE remains one such winning product, and the fourth-generation GLE that comes with a long wheelbase is further going to redefine and create a new benchmark in the luxury SUV segment. The new GLE long wheelbase offers an extended and plush interior cabin space that remains unmatched creating significantly more space, especially for the rear passengers. Apart from luxurious appointments, the new LWB GLE featuring innovative driving assistants, new engine range and a permanent 4MATIC all-wheel drive makes it an agile and capable off-roader as well. We are confident, the new LWB GLE will continue Mercedes-Benz’s dominance in the luxury SUV segment making it the right choice of a luxurious. The new LWB GLE combines an intuitive infotainment system along with MBUX, superior in-cabin comfort, and exemplary driving performance.”

On top of this he added that with their “Restless For Tomorrow” motto, they kick-started the exciting journey for the year 2020 with the launch of the EQ brand. That launch helped the company gain the required momentum to launch the new LWB GLE. Since the launch, it has sold over 13,000 units in the Indian market. As of now, it remains the highest-selling luxury SUV in the market. The new model is targeted towards consumers who are searching for a more premium experience within the urban environment! It’s targeted towards the adventurous crowd who like to live on the edge and explore unbeaten paths with a four-wheeler.

Now that we have discussed the launch, let’s dive into the features. It goes without saying that Mercedes-Benz will not disappoint us in this field.

First, let’s talk about the Long Wheel base which might be an important innovation of the GLE. It is 80mm longer than the previous model and is overall 105mm in length. This means now there is more space and more comfort as well! Coming to the second row, the passengers can be comfortable as well since the legroom has been increased by 69mm over the previous model. The headroom at the rear of the new model has been increased by 35mm. The inclination of the rear seat has been set at 30 degrees which makes driving much more comfortable. Adding to this there is fore-aft movement of 100mm.

Second, the GLE 400 d comes with an E-Active Body Control System. This is the only system available in the market which allows you to control the spring and damping forces of each wheel individually. Now this means not only will it counteract body roll, but it’ll also work with squat and pitching!

So now, we come to the interaction of the vehicle and its functions through a series of voice control, touch, or gesture systems. This has been made possible by the Mercedes-Benz User Experience. There are five different ways to interact with the infotainment system of the new GLE model:

  1. Touch control in the center of the multimedia display.

  2. Touch control buttons present on the multifunctional steering wheel.

  3. Multifunction touchpad present on the center console.

  4. Voice control with the talk button present on the steering wheel.

  5. Saying “Hey Mercedes” which activates voice control.

This revised voice control option allows the driver to control several operations very conveniently. The system can read our messages, operate the climate control system or audio system, access the functions, etc. It’s not even required of the driver to memorize any phrase. Just saying “Hey Mercedes” activates voice control and following this the driver can make the command/phrase as required. We have smartphones with Siri so why not smart cars?

Next, it’s time to come to the Active Braking and Blind Spot Assist Systems. The Active Braking System helps in avoiding rear-end collisions and accidents with cyclists, crossing pedestrians, stationary or moving cars, etc. Additionally, the system can detect if you haven’t applied enough force on the pedal in a situation and will boost the brake to initiate autonomous emergency braking. All these functions are optimized for a car traveling at the typical speed recommended in urban areas.

However, even at higher speeds, the system can react to vehicles moving slower. On the other hand, the Blind Spot Assist takes a closer look at your blind spots and provides you with visual and audio warnings. Even after a trip, it remains alert to ensure you do not open your door at the wrong time. The Blind Spot Assist comes with two additional radar sensors that are fitted at the rear bumper. When it detects any vehicle, the red triangle light will light up in the mirrors outside. This system helps with lane changes, getting out in slow-flowing traffic, and turning off. The aim of these two systems is to detect and prevent/reduce the chances and severity of a major accident.

Finally, the automatic all-wheel drive is another feature to drool over. The power gets transmitted by the 9G-TRONIC auto-transmission. The gears spread from 1-9 and this allowed a clearer reduction in engine speed and is the decision-making factor behind the high level of efficient energy combustion and riding comfort. The 4-cylinder engines with an all-wheel-drive are paired with a transfer case that transmits the drive torque in a fixed ratio of 50:50 percent to the axles.

The exterior and interior of the model are both strikingly good. With extra space inside and a distinctive appearance on the outside, this model will definitely be a fan-favorite.

This model has truly been made following the motto “Restless for Tomorrow”. It has the features that today’s generation desperately searches for and stays in touch with the core values of the brand.

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