Altroz EV makes its Indian debut at Auto Expo 2020

Tata Motors is a brand that has given us great models and expectations over the years. However, at the Auto Expo 2020, there was a letdown. While many expected the launch of the Tata Altroz at the event considering the ICE version is already available in the market, the Altroz EV made its debut in the same avatar that it did at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show. 

The electric concept of the Altroz doesn’t have the same look like the standard model, however, it does have a similar theme to it. It does stay true to the concept of “gold standard” title with the Frozen Gold paint shade. The platform upon which the car is based is the ALFA Arc (the same as the standard model! And the design is in line with the brand’s IMPACT 2.0 design language.  

Even though not all details of the Altroz have been revealed, it is expected that the model will share similarities with the Nexon EV. Once the production is initiated, the model will show off the brand’s newest electric powertrain: Ziptron (the same one that powers the Nexon EV). Additionally, the Altroz EV comes with a battery pack which is capable of providing a range which exceeds 300km on a single charge. 

Coming to the regular Tata Altroz, the brand had a good enough start with the model. Within the first month following the launch, the brand managed to sell over 4,500 units. Even though the hot-hatch segment in the Indian market is huge, this was a good start for the brand. 

Keeping aside the selling units, one of the best features or achievements of the Altroz is the five-star safety rating. This made it the safest hatchback within the Indian market. Now that EV powertrain has been added and it will not affect the safety components, the Altroz EV is expected to get a five-star rating as well. This was the case for the Nexon EV and it’s regular counterpart when it came to the NCAP ratings. 

Even though the price of the Altroz EV is not available, it is still expected that the model will be launched at ₹11.5-14 lakhs. If the model launches for the Indian market within early or mid-2021, then it will most likely become the first premium electric hatchback. The possible rivals of the Altroz EV can be the Maruti WagonR electric and the Mahindra KUV100. Both of these models are expected to be launched at a price close to approximately ₹8.5 lakhs. 


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