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Hyundai’s 2021 Elantra teased!

Hyundai’s global bestseller is all set for a sporty overhaul!

Hyundai Motors revealed the first pictures of the upcoming 2021 Elantra. The upcoming seventh-gen Elantra showcases a sharper and aggressive look based on parametric lines and textures, which follows Hyundai’s new design language. The world premiere press conference is on March 17th at the Lot Studios in West Hollywood. The conference will be live-streamed across the world. 

The all-new Elantra’s design portrays a progressive and futuristic character through the use of modern tech employed in designing the car. The use of parametric dynamics in which three lines meet at one single point is usually avoided in the auto designing, but Elantra will be first to feature this.

The interior look immersive and are clean and give a much futuristic look and feel. The design layout appears to be inspired from their luxury Genesis brand. And that’s a really good thing because it looks fantastic! 

To catch the livestream and get more updates on the same, follow the link below:

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