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COVID-19 shifts the dynamic regulations change in F1 from 2021 to the year 2022!

FIA and Formula 1, after conversing with the 10 teams, have decided to postpone the initiation of the new regulations of 2021, to 2022.

FIA and Formula 1, after conversing with the 10 teams, have decided to postpone the initiation of the new regulations of 2021, to 2022. This would mean that the rules of 2020 will be applied in 2021 as well, and this may not bring great delight to the F1 fans, but this delay was necessary. Ferrari was the only team which was not in favour of this move, but they too have now agreed on having the 2020 rules being carried over to 2021. 

What does this mean

Had Covid 19 not taken place, Formula 1 was going to introduce a new set of rules in 2021, which would have brought about a massive change, a change, which would have effectively changed Formula 1 as we know it. 

The looks and aesthetics of the F1 vehicles would have received an upgrade, sweeping looks and new 18 inch wheels would not only make them look more striking, but would also improve the driving dynamics. Furthermore, the front wing, rear layout and the suspension were to be simplified which would help reduce downforce. A few other changes that included low profile tires, underfloor tunnels, wheel-wake devices would make racing better and even more competitive. The fans would have been looking forward to these changes as this would take F1 to a whole new level, but alas, none of these changes will actually make it to 2021. 


As you are reading this, 5 races have been postponed, and 2 have been cancelled which has caused a painful financial setback to most of the teams. In times like this, this delay will come across as a relief to the F1 teams. In Order to upgrade their vehicles to the new norms and regulations, the teams would have deal with a heavy financial expenditure, and such an expenditure does not seem very possible for some teams as there is no money to be made before the month of June. 

What does change

One new specific regulation which will be implemented in 2021 is the rule of ‘financial regulations’. A budget cap of $175 million is to be imposed on all the teams, which would make the sport more economically sustainable and fair. If any team fails to comply with these rules, they could be punished with a heavy fine. 

What does the calendar year look like 

The Monaco Grand Prix has been cancelled, furthermore the Dutch, Spanish, Chinese, Bahrain and Vietnamese Grand Prix have been postponed, and such cancellations and postponing would cause a heavy financial burden on the teams. F1 has maintained that they would resume the matches only when it would be safe to, and until then all we can do is wait and hope for the best.

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