Aston-Martin to build a coupe AND a 7-seater version of the DBX?

Right after their dwindling shares and an 8th save from bankruptcy, Aston Martin is considering widening their SUV range.

SUVs were originally built with the idea that they would be road legal passenger vehicles which would have off-road capabilities. These vehicles were often purchased by those who either had big families or have an adventurous streak so, they wanted to conquer the wilderness. 

However, things have changed in the recent past, and we have seen a new variety of SUV’s come to the market. The trend has been totally SUV focused and it hurts the gearhead in me. Not because I don’t like the body style but, because these so called SUV’s are basically cross-overs or hatch backs n stilettos. Moreover, the looks of the Bentayga or the Cullinan showcased a scary future. This was until the DBX arrived. Yeah the Urus was okay too but it really was the DBX that changed the viewpoint for me. An aspiring SUV owner can think of purchasing either a luxurious SUV, or an SUV, with sports car capabilities, and Aston Martin, originally a sports car company who recently made their first SUV, the DBX. 

Aston Martin have now decided to try their hand at making a 7 seater family friendly DBX and take the fight to the Mercedes Benz GLS, BMW X7, and Range Rover. And while I’d be hurt withthis news a few months back, I am excited to see this vehicle now because of how good the DBX turned out! That’s not it, they also plan to build the DBX coupe which would be a rival of the Lamborghini Urus, BMW X6M, and Porsche Cayenne Turbo. 

Marek Reichman, creative officer and the Aston Martin Lagonda executive vice-president told in an interview with Australia’s GoAuto, that Aston Martin’s will not be interested in making an SUV smaller than the DBX, instead they would be looking to making SUVs with more potential, and SUV’s which will share design cues from the DBX. 

The Aston Martin DBX is to go on sale from May onwards, and soon will be joined with the 7 seater and coupe variants. If Aston Martin gets this right, they could be looking at increasing the volume of sales, which is frankly something Aston Martin needs at the current point of time.


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