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Hyundai shows a 41% decline in sales in India

Covid-19 has forced the already slumping Indian auto industry into a recession like scenario.

Hyundai Motors India, like many motor companies in India, has also seen a reduction in sales. But unlike the other companies, the percentage of reduction that Hyundai has suffered is not something that Hyundai needs to be worried about. In March, 2020, Hyundai amassed sales of 26,300 units, and in March 2019, Hyundai sold 40.7% more vehicles, making sales of 44,350.

Before one starts blaming Hyundai for this reduction, the primary reason why Hyundai, or any of the motor brands are doing poorly with respect to sales, is Covid-19. To protect the citizens from Coronavirus, Governments across the world have had to impose lock downs, and only essential services have been allowed to continue. As motor car brands are not essential services, their production industries have been closed, therefore, causing a halt in sales. The secondary reason in my opinion is the transition from BS4 to BS6, many customers have decided to wait and purchase BS6 vehicles, which has left the BS4 stock lying idle and not returning any value.

When we talk about exports, Hyundai has seen a decline in that segment as well, as in March 2019, they sold 16,800 units, and this March they managed to sell only 5,979 units, which is 64% lesser. When the domestic sales and exports of March in 2020 and 2019 are compared, we realise that in 2020 Hyundai has attained a total sale of 32,279 units in comparison to the substantially larger sale of 2019 which comes to be, a sale of 61,150.

However, this reduction in sale could not be avoided, as for the health and safety of the workers, the industries had to be closed, we would rather have a financial loss than a loss of human lives. The money can be made up in the coming months or years, but a life lost is something that cannot be recovered. Hyundai as a company has always received a healthy amount of sales, and I am sure, once this pandemic begins to lose its intensity, motor companies like Hyundai will implement steps and begin to pick themselves up and move ahead.

Hyundai had recently launched the new Creta, and it had managed to garner a 10,000 bookings within a month, thus showing that it could redeem its crown and become the segment leader once again. Another model launched by Hyundai is the facelifted Verna 2020, and this car will take on the upcoming refreshed 2020 Honda City.

Times are tough, resources and supply lines have been disrupted, production in industries has been halted, and this will cause nervousness amongst the people, but it these very motor brands who are coming out of their tough times and are helping in fighting the pandemic by supplying ventilators and medical equipment. This just proves that caring for each other comes first, and monetary gains second. We must hope and continue to follow protocol and help flatten the curve, and when that happens, our victory over this disease will be close.

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