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Ford’s V8 producing plant to manufacture Ventilators! From Mustang to Must-have, Ford adds support to help win this war

Ford is working speedily with 3M and GE to provide medical equipment to hospitals

The United States Of America is leading with the maximum number of Covid 19 cases, 336,851 people have been infected, and 9,620 have lost their lives to this deadly pandemic.

Medical staff is working overtime in the hospitals, and are equipped with not much protection as resources such as PPE (Personal Protection Equipment), face masks and shields, are reducing every minute.

Furthermore, ventilators are in dearth and their presence in hospitals is paramount as these can effectively save a life. This just shows how serious the situation has gotten, and motor brands such as Ford, GM, Tesla and many more have taken it upon themselves to help provide the country with the equipment it so badly requires.

The assembly plant of Ford, Flat Rock, which is responsible for the V8 engines found in the Mustang, is now focussing their efforts into something that is more important, which is ventilators.

This plant is located in Michigan, and this state is the worst affected state in the U.S, with 15,718 cases and 617 deaths. Ford has arranged a total of 90 people, to come in to work, and they are doing so with vigour, as they will be working 2 ten hour shifts between Monday and Friday.

Furthermore they will also be coming to the plant during the weekends as well. The number of staff members may be meagre, but it takes a motion like this, to inspire others to join in on this fight, and once the numbers of staff begins to increase, the speed of production will also be increased. Ford has made sure about hygiene being maintained, and that the workers while carrying forward their tasks, will be practicing social distancing.

Ford is working with 3M to build PAPRs (Power Air-Purifying Respirators), and in order to make them at a quick pace, the 2 companies are coming up with creative design ideas to help manufacture them at the required pace. The idea is to make use of existing parts, which can prove to be functional in the working of the ventilator. The fans used in the ventilated seats of the Ford pick-up, F-150, and 3M’s HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filters, in unison, when powered to a portable battery, can be used in a ventilator.

On the other hand, Ford is also working with G.E to come up with new ways of manufacturing a simplified version of an already existing ventilator offered by G.E. The simpler it is to make, the faster will it be to produced. Coronavirus attacks the respiratory system of a person, thereby making it very difficult to breathe, and in situations like these, ventilators help in breathing.

Ford by itself has taken on the making of face shields, and they be will be producing over 100,000 shields a week. These face shields will be go through a trial at Detroit Mercy, Henry Ford and Sinai-Grace hospitals. If these shields are approved, they will then be used by medical staff and factory workers.

Ford with GE and 3M, also intends to produce 50,000 ventilators during the coming 100 days, and if Ford can manage to do so within their given time periods, they can make a major difference in the battle against Coronavirus. Many motor brands are joining in on fighting this pandemic, their efforts will help and equip the medical staff to save lives. The future may seem bleak at the moment, but together, we can win against this disease.

Wash your hands, maintain social distancing, and if you can, stay indoors, we will get through this.

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