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The world car of the year is a Kia!

When it comes to radical changes, Kia has arguably been at the top of the list for enthusiasts as well as journalists. And now, we have proof of it.

Every year, the best cars from the automotive industry are chosen. These cars are then contested against each other and are awarded with the World Urban Car, World Performance Car, World Car Design of the Year, World Luxury Car and the most prestigious World Car of the Year award.

This year, the awards were supposed to be declared on the 8th of this April, during the New York International Auto Show, but as the event has been postponed, the awards were announced via live stream. How the finalists of these segments are chosen you ask? Well, the car jurors are allowed to vote for only those cars, that they have actually driven.

Post the initial voting, during the next round, the jurors must rank the cars with respect to the category. Did I tell you there are 86 journalists casting their votes for these awards? Well, that is proof enough that no bias can possibly exist in such a title.

After this is completed, in the second round, the jurors must rate the finalists from 0-10 on the basis of value for money, technologically equipped, safety, mechanics, performance etc. On finishing this, the top 3 rated vehicles are chosen , from which a winner is chosen during the due time.

Let me start breaking down the list of winners, by starting with the segment which is most awaited, The World Car of the Year. Now choosing a winner for this segment must not be an easy task, especially when the finalists include the Kia Telluride, Mazda CX-30 and the Mazda 3.

But, a winner must be chosen, and the victor amongst these gladiators is, the Kia Telluride. This is the first time a Korean company has won this prize. The jurors who chose the car of the year were thoroughly impressed with this SUV, its imposing looks, feature rich cabin and affordable sticker price making the Telluride, a genuine winner.

Now, let me further make any Kia fans even more delighted, as Kia didn’t only win the World Car of the Year, but Kia has also won, Urban Car of the Year. The car which made this possible for Kia is the Kia Soul EV. The competition was terrific in this segment, as the Kia Soul EV fought the Mini Electric and Volkswagen T-Cross to win this laurel.

Moving on from that segment, the next segment winner that I would like to disclose is, World Car Design of the Year, and competing for this award was the hot hatch Peugeot 208, the technological marvel Porsche Taycan and the handsome Mazda3. If you, my reader, chose Mazda3, then you are correct, for it was Mazda who won this the award. This would have been an incredibly difficult choice to make, as all these vehicles look absolutely spectacular.

Whats next is, is the segment of cars, which are purchased by those with deep pockets, World Luxury Car of the Year, and the contestants for this segment is, the Porsche Taycan, the Mercedes Benz EQC and Porsche’s 911. Without a doubt, the winner of this segment was the Taycan, and it completely deserves this win. The Taycan oozes luxury on seeing it from the inside and out, thereby making it completely worthy of the award

The last award is of particular interest to those, who are obsessed with speed, which is the World Performance car of the Year, and the cars contending in this segment are, the Porsche Taycan ( yet again, it has entered as a finalist in 3 of the segments), the Porsche 911 and the Porsche 718. Basically, winner or loser, Porsche has won in this segment, but the Porsche model who won this award is the Taycan. It is not surprising that the Taycan has won so many awards, as it is a vehicle which is so complete in all respects.

It has been a great year for Kia and Porsche and the cars that they are have come up with have been adored by jurors and car enthusiasts all over the world. I myself could not disagree with any winners chosen, as I too would have chosen the same. It was great fun to go through this list, and especially during glum times of today, a contest of this nature can bring a smile to any car enthusiasts face.

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Siddharth Kapila

22 year old guy whose passion for cars has been ever present. I also read and find peace in sketching. (does not mean I sketch well)

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