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Tata has launched an online platform ‘Click to Drive’ which brings the dealerships to the customers home

Coronavirus has resulted in dealerships being closed throughout the country, in such a scenario, 'Click to Drive' will function like an online dealership

It has been almost been a month since Covid 19 pushed our Governments into placing a lock down in order to curb the spread of the highly communicable pandemic. To implement a lock down is not an easy step as it leads to dire economic consequences.

Daily wage earners, farmers particularly suffer the most. Another field which is taking the brunt of this step is the industry, especially the Auto Industry. Production and chain cycles have been impeded, which would affect sales, furthermore, these sales would only take place provided dealerships are open, which they are not. This just proves that the Auto Industry will struggle quite bit until the Covid 19 crisis eases out a bit.

However, Tata has come up with an ingenious idea which helps the customers visit the dealerships, in a digital way. ‘Click to Drive’, is an service started by Tata which helps the customers to look, book and purchase vehicles with the click of a button.

On visiting the website, interested parties can register themselves, after which they  choose a vehicle from the range of cars available. On choosing the vehicle, the customer will be provided with a digital brochure and videos, which should introduce the user to the different features and specifications of the car that they are looking at.

If the customer continues to like the car after going through the digital aids, they could pay the booking amount and the order of the confirmation of payment will be sent to the customer via email.

With this step being completed,  now they have to select the dealer with whom they wish to conduct the main transaction, and Tata has their 750 dealers ready to assist in this respect (think it would be most common that an owner would choose a dealership which is close to their home).

Moreover, Tata’s new website will also provide you with economical and exchange schemes, which makes buying a new car from them, a smooth experience. With the booking and payment completed, all that is left, is for you to pick up your car.

Unfortunately, in the current situation, that is impossible, but do not worry, Tata has thought this through. After communicating with a sales adviser assigned to you during the time you engage in the purchase formalities, with that salesmen, you could either have your new car home delivered, or you could pick up the car from the dealership later.

For those who are looking to buy the Tata Altroz, a virtual ‘Imaginator’ is available to them, which allows the user to view the variant, colour and customization in a virtual way. This makes it quite easy for the user to make decisions, without this method, one would have to imagine how a colour shade would look on the Altroz.

The ‘Click to Drive’ online platform is a great way of making the life of the customer so much more convenient.  If this service works well for the customers, it will result in sales, and that will make Tata’s life so much more better. After having a disappointing few months of sales, Tata would be looking forward to getting all the sales possible.

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