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Toyota unveils its Harrier for Japan – Underpinnings of future Lexus RX?

Toyota aims to launch the Harrier in Japan by June.

We often come across things in life which have the same names, but are 2 very different things, something as basic as ‘Chips’. If you ask for chips in the UK, you will get yourself a nice plate of french fries, but if you ask for chips in the US, you will either be given flat and crispy chips, or you would have just suggested that you are in a gambling mood. Similarly, Toyota plans to launch an SUV called the Harrier in Japan, on hearing this, automatically my mind reminded me of the Tata Harrier.

In fact, the Toyota Harrier was the reason why Tata had to launch the Euro-spec Harrier as ‘Buzzard’ and ‘Buzzard Sport’ at the Geneva Motor Show last year. At this point, I was confused about 2 cars sharing the same name, but when I laid eyes upon the next gen Japanese Harrier did I realise that this was vastly different when compared to the Tata Harrier. In earnest, I am not very sure they should even be compared, but anyway, lets dive in and find out what this face lifted Toyota Harrier is all about.

Toyota launched the Harrier in 1997, and it was marketed as the urban car, and the current Harrier is a sheer contrast to the older Harrier. Fun fact, the older Harrier was like a doppelganger of the Lexux RX, and this reminds me of a habit of Toyota when they would take a Lexus vehicle, place the Toyota badge on it and voila, a new Toyota was born, However, that habit of Toyota persists and one can expect this Harrier to be the underpinnings for the upcoming RX.

Toyota’s Harrier for Japan usually ends up being the Lexus RX for Europe/US markets. Maybe he same will happen to India on the basis of the name clash alone? Maybe. The new Harrier has evolved in every possible for its predecessors, and Toyota intends on launching this SUV in Japan by June.

The exteriors

The 2021 Toyota Harrier is based on Toyota’s New Global Architecture which would suggest that this SUV will be placed below the Camry, Avalon and RAV4. Lets talk about how it looks, because that is what most people would talk about after having one look at it, its looks plenty dignified and handsome.


The designing of the SUV reminds me of the Mirai, you can notice the suave sharp lines on the front, and the headlamps  which are reminiscent of the Mirai. The Harrier gets new headlamps which are referred to as the ‘signature headlamps’ by Toyota, and they are not wrong in saying that, as they look very sleek and impressive.

On viewing the rear, you will be compelled to remember the F-Pace, but Harrier has taken that look, and improved on it, by connecting the tail lamps by a thin LED strip which stops on reaching the Toyota badge. This SUV will be available in muted colours, with the alpha colour being the Precious Black Pearl.

The interiors

On entering the Harrier, the interiors are filled with exuberance, with its ample stitched leather on the door panel and center console, Toyota has employed a mix of brown, gray and black shades for the inside which works quite well in tandem, and gives a warm and at the same time chic feel.

The infotainment system is powered by JBL and looks quite well sized, and the speedometer seems to have a screen in between the dials, which is also a good addition. The thing which will be most talked about is the gigantic panoramic sun roof, and this is the first time Toyota has used a sunroof of this size in their cars.

This sunroof is huge, which also means it would let a lot of sunlight in, making it quite uncomfortable, but Toyota has thought this through and have provided electro-chromatic controls for the sunroof which alters the amount of light entering the car.

My favourite feature is restricted to the hybrid variant, which is, a 1500 watt accessory power outlet available within the car. Normally, such outlets are in our homes, but this is in the car, and Toyota claims that this can be used to power homes during blackouts or in times of energy. I have never heard of anything like this, and I would love for this to become a trend in the coming hybrids.

Power trains offered

The 2021 Toyota Harrier is offered in 2 power trains, with none of them being diesels. A 2.0 liter petrol engine, which produces 171 ps, and this engine is coupled with a CVT gearbox. The other engine, is 2.5 liter hybrid, which makes a total of 178 ps, making it quite sporty. Both these variants are available as front wheel drive, or all wheel drive options.

Safety features

This is where things get very interesting as this vehicle offers very strange yet helpful features which will make owning this car a charm. The car offers features such as Toyota Safety Sense – a pre-collision system which detects pedestrians or cyclists. Digital Inner Mirror, sounds quite cool doesn’t it? Well this records videos of the car behind and in front of the car, which makes it function like a dashcam.

Now, this SUV, as much as I want it to is not coming to India. Instead, the car will be launched in Japan, and then in Singapore and Malaysia. For a car like this, if Toyota is able to price it right, this would be a winner almost instantly. This SUV was originally slated for a June launch, but the Covid 19 crisis could delay that by a bit.


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