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The India bound Land Cruiser Prado rival Maxus D90 unveiled with the Pro Edition in China

The Gloster after receiving a few cosmetic updates on the interior and exterior seems to have earned a new Pro badge

During the Auto Expo which was held 2 months ago in India, chinese automaker Morris Garages showcased their Gloster, a colossal sized SUV, which is slated for launch during the Diwali season.

However, with the Covid 19 crisis hitting the world, it could be possible that this launch could see some sort of delay. However, M.G is certain that the release of the Gloster will not be delayed, fingers crossed.

MG also unveiled the Hector Plus, which is a 7 seat version of the regular Hector, and this SUV is expected to be launched by July this year.

The M.G Gloster is essentially, a rebadged version of the Maxus D90, and this D90 is available globally in international markets. What is Maxus you ask? Well, Maxus is another Chinese company which falls under the brand of SAIC.

The Gloster is what the Indian markets will be receiving by the end of this year, however, its global version D90 has received an update and a sporty name extension, which also means that the Gloster would receive the same treatment very soon. If one were to make the D90 and D90 Pro stand side by side, after carefully observing the 2, will you able to conclude that these are 2 different models.

What makes the 2 cars different are, a few updates on the inside and the out. On the inside, the D90 Pro sports captain seats, and these seats are offered in a luxurious tan leather upholstery, and this is not available on the regular D90.

This update is not a groundbreaking one, but a rather basic one. Honestly, I would even question if this update was really needed. Will this update be reflected upon India’s upcoming Gloster, that is yet to be seen.

On landing in India, the M.G Gloster will take on the likes of the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado and lower end Land Rovers. It is true that the Gloster will be charged at quite a premium in comparison to India’s most loved SUVs Ford Endeavour and Toyota Fortuner, but the Gloster earns that price with its fit and equipment, which matches that of the much higher end suvs. The Gloster could be expected to be priced at around 40 lakhs and above (ex-showroom).

At this point, nothing is certain, as Coronavirus has brought the world to a standstill, and it is quite natural for companies to postpone or even halt launches, but M.G believes that Covid 19 will not derail the launch of their upcoming SUVs.

Talking about Covid 19 and M.G, Morris Garages like many automakers has stepped up and tried to assist in helping the country deal with the pandemic. M.G introduced the ‘Affordable Ventilator Challenge’ and has also made sure that none of their employees are laid off. This kind of act instills the faith of the consumers and the working staff, so that’s a job well done by M.G.

P.S – Is it just me or do the taillamps of the D90/Gloster look alot like that of the 2015 Mitsubishi Pajero Sport… Along with the grille from a Ford and the touchscreen from a BMW?

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