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MG Gloster launch remains unaffected by the Covid-19 crisis

Morris Garages maintain that they will be launching their enormous Gloster during the Diwali season

The world continues to be plagued by the Coronavirus crisis, with 22,40,191 infected, and 1,53,822 people did, the consequences of this disease are brutal and 2020 will be regarded as the year of human and financial loss. Most of the worlds industrial sectors have come to a halt, but the individuals who are a part of the essential services continue to be brave and work, and it is only because of these courageous individuals that we have not yet lost the battle.

The Auto Industry within India has never seen times worse than this, and the lockdown has brought a indefinitely paused their operations. Such a pause will derail plans and strategies, and while that takes place we must also remember that production and supply lines have also been suspended, which means that sales are near minimal at the moment. To sum it up, the present situation of the Indian Auto Industry is woe worthy and it will take a long time to recover from this. However, out of this, there is one automaker who seems to be unfazed by this crisis and that auto company is Morris Garages.

Morris Garages had initially planned to launch the Hector Plus in the month of June, and the flagship SUV, Gloster during the Diwali season. This was pre Covid 19, and after Coronavirus picked up pace which triggered the lockdown, it would have been assumed that Morris Garages would join the other automakers in delaying their launches, but that is not the case.

Rajeev Chaba , president and managing director of Morris Garages India has confirmed that the launch of both the SUVs will take place as per schedule. He has admitted that Covid 19 has affected operation and functioning, but luckily for MG, they had kept a margin of time before hand, which allowed their launches to remain unaffected.

If you were eyeing the Gloster or Hector Plus, you have no reason to be worried as the launch of both these cars will take place as previously stated. In order to help their customers, MG will also be providing test drives by bringing the SUV to your home. Furthermore, their cars are being sanitised completely, and this would allow their customers to test drive the car without being worried about contracting the virus from the car.

The Gloster as seen from this year’s Auto Expo is a massive SUV, which will be priced around the 45 lakh price bracket (ex-showroom) which does make it more expensive than the Toyota Fortuner and Ford Endeavour, but the Gloster is far more luxurious offers features, which are available on the much more expensive Land Rovers and Toyota Land Cruiser Prado. With respect to dimensions, the Gloster is actually longer than the Toyota flagship SUV Land Cruiser, which just proves how gigantic and imposing this vehicle will be.

The vehicle is also said to sport features such as adaptive LED lights, a gesture controlled electronic tailgate, 3 zone climate control, a panoramic sunroof and a 12.3 inch infotainment system. The vehicle is expected to be launched in India with a 2.0 litre twin turbo BS6 diesel engine, producing a hearty 218ps, and this engine will be mated only to a manual gearbox. An automatic 8 speed transmission will make its way to the Gloster in India, but it would be available quite some time after the Gloster launch.

It is the powertrain, the exhaustive list of features and body dimensions of this SUV which seem like a value for money at its price point. When this SUV does launch in India, it will compete with the lower end Land Rovers and Toyota Land Cruiser Prado, and this SUV will surely steal a few sales from the current best selling body on frame SUVs, Toyota Fortuner and Ford Endeavour.

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