Koenigsegg Jesko drifts and rips the Koenigsegg test track!

Both the Jesko and Jesko Absolut variants of this Hypercar will soon start production and deliveries to customers.

May feels like a month of supercar(read: Hypercar) revelations. Last week the speed enthusiasts got a glimpse of Ferrari’s newest track-ready supercar, the 819-horsepower 812 Competizione, and now we have got a 51-second video shared by Koenigsegg on its official Facebook page, showing new Jesko Prototypes tearing up the automaker’s test track in Angelholm. This isn’t the first time Koenigsegg has treated us with a teaser, back in September 2020, a similar video of a camouflaged test mule broke cover. However, this time around, the manufacturer has not one but two prototypes running wild in their natural habitat.

This Swedish prodigy and the brainchild of CVK and his engg. magicians was primarily revealed at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show and was named after the Christian von Koenigsegg’s father. A gift to his father for financially supporting him in his dreams. Sweet story! It is the successor of Agera RS which holds the record for being the fastest hypercar to be manufactured for the road. Although, that was then broken by the controversial yet blazingly fast, SSC Tuatara. 

The Jesko got a twin-turbo 5.0-litre V8 at its heart that sends power to the rear wheels via the firm’s in-house designed and built nine-speed seven-clutch gearbox dubbed as the Light Speed Transmission (LST). Even though the Jesko weighs 3,310 pounds in total, it has the world’s lightest V8 crankshaft weighing in at just 12.5 kg. The new flat-plane 180-degree crankshaft produces more power while providing even greater efficiency. The redesigned engine generates 1280hp on standard gasoline and 1600hp on E85 biofuel (in some markets) with a max rev limit of 8500 rpm.

Jesko’s frame has been designed in a way to reduce surrounding turbulence and cut down on drag while increasing high-speed stability, so that it can break records of its predecessor, the Agera RS. The flame-spitting, smoking hot matte black prototypes on the released teaser seem like the Standard trim of the hypercar, going by the massive wing on the back. The one on Absolut gets replaced by a pair of stability fins.

After its unveiling, the Jesko Absolut laid claim as the fastest Koenigsegg ever, and the company has said it will never attempt to make a faster series-production road car. This road-legal, track-capable weapon will have only 125 examples, all of which has been reported already sold out within just the first two weeks of its launch! Why is that even a surprise! NO, good things not always come to those who wait, some times you have to hurry up! As a thumb rule for cars, the faster the vehicle, the quicker you should be! 

Getting back to the point, after a solid sold-out debut show, the supercar now seems to be in its final production testing, going by the recent clip. These near production-ready prototypes clearly indicate production will likely get underway very soon. They better do as the lucky 125 buyers have to pay around $2.8 million for the standard Jesko while the Jesko Absolut cost a cool $3.4 million or so.

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