The facelifted 3-series’ front fascia design has been leaked!

The car's designs have been leaked and the infamous grille is NOT present. Also, there are some filings from the US Patent and Trademarks Office being discovered

The new facelifted BMW 3-series’ design has been leaked, as the folks over at CarBuzz have found some leaks from the US Patent and Trademarks Office, which reveals front bumper designs which are almost certain to be making their way to the updated 3-series, and the car sure looks amazing. The classic bumper ‘stache is still there! The side profile and overall shape will be the same because it is a mid-life update and also because it needs no touching anyway.

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These leaks have revealed the bumper designs to be different, with one design seemingly for the M Sport variant while the other design will be reserved for the base variant. There are still spy shots of the car with the bumper in full camo, though from the looks of it the car will be sharing some cues with the 2-series coupe.

The rear bumper has also been given a whole new design, which shows a diffuser that goes the length of the rear bumper, which could mean many things, though it’s best to make assumptions with a grain of salt, as these designs could be for the normal 3-series, the hybrid variant or possibly even the fully electric one BMW is planning!

We should get more definitive news in sometime, though till then we have some new stuff to keep us excited for the updated 3-series!


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