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Cristiano Ronaldo’s £1.8 million Bugatti Veyron crashes in Spain

According to reports by the local media, Ronaldo's Veyron crashed in a house while being transferred from Majorca to Mallorca in Spain

Manchester United striker Cristiano Ronaldo’s multi-million dollar Bugatti Veyron has reportedly crashed in a house in Spain while being transferred from Majorca to Mallorca. Considering his unbelievably tasteful car collection, this crash might not matter to him in terms of money but, will definitely be hurtful to the Portuguese star. Reportedly, he was not behind the wheel and it was crashed by one of his employees.

It was just recently when Bugatti delivered the first customer Centodieci which was also ordered in by Ronaldo. He already has several Bugatti vehicles including a Veyron, Veyron Grand Sport, Grand Sport Vitesse, a Chiron and the likes which is why he was ‘allowed’ to place an order for the Centodieci. So, as we said earlier, the Veyron isn’t exactly the star car of his garage. Neverthless, a Bugatti is a piece of art to an aficionado like Cristiano and his Veyron has reportedly suffered major wreckage at the front end which will be emotionally hurtful more than monetarily.



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