Ford reveals the 800 HP limited edition Ford GT Mark IV as the grand finale for the supercar!

With 67 units of the Mark IV Special Edition, Ford marks a fitting end to the ultimate race car from the American continent.

Ford Motors have unveiled the limited edition GT Mark IV as the final hurrah for their iconic and impeccable racecar. Limited to just 67 units, this special edition model is powered by a unique 800 HP twin-turbo eco boost engine. Launching within two months of another special Ford GT LM edition launched in early October, this Mk IV will be the most extreme variation of the Ford GT. If that wasn’t clear from its looks, have a look at the performance specs!

Design and Performance

This GT Mk IV is not just a regular high horsepower supercar. The design and performance of this one go hand-in-hand. For the laymen of enthusiasts, the GT Mk IV is to the Ford GT what the Ferrari FXX is to the Ferrari Enzo. Kind of. See what I did? Ford v. Ferrari!

Although this Mk IV uses the same 3.5 L V6, it now produces 800 HP as compares to the ‘measly’ 660 HP of the other editions with what Ford is calling a unique twinturbo eco-boost engine. It is built on a completely new lightweight chassis using adhesive bonded honeycombed-aluminum construction with a more aerodynamic body and was named as the “J-Car” because it was built to the new FIA Appendix J rules. It also comes with a new racing transmission, a track focused suspension – specifically Multimatic’s Adaptive Spool Valve (ASV) suspension, and a reworked body as well for better aero. The latter part is significantly more obvious than the rest. Oh, BTW! This isn’t road legal so the road car regulations went out of the window and hence, the extreme formulae (pun intended) were used to get as much performance is is possible from a car like this.

There are minimalist headlamp units flush within the body, no side-mirrors to disturb the aero and a really fat body at the rear to spool away the “dirty” air and keep the aero for extreme track performance. That large spoiler and diffuser combo screams aerodynamics so, I am actually keen to know the track times of this one on the Nurburgring. And we do have some info about a rumored track day early next year! Other aero-specific features include front canards, a really giant splitter, a carbon fiber roof scoop and the side air intakes also seem to be quite a bit larger. That could there to cool the over-powered engine in the car.

As for pricing and availability, most of it would’ve already been gone by the time I wrote this but don’t worry because at $1.7 million, you’d anyway not be able to get it that quick. Moreover, Ford will supposedly handpick the customers in the first quarter of next year and start deliveries by the end of spring. Not a big fan of companies acting like governments to “choose” their customers instead of selling them the cars.


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