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Samsung’s Digital Cockpit 2020 is a 5G-enabled connected car platform, straight from the future

Consider you are Marty Mcfly and you just got in your DMC DeLorean for a trip to the future. For that, your car has to look the part. For your car to travel to the future, it has to become the future. So with that in mind,ditch the DeLorean and steal Samsung’s Digital Cockpit 2020 which was recently shown at CES 2020.

Using 5G, the device links features inside and outside the car to provide a futuristic experience for the driver and passengers alike.

The vehicle connects your home, your office and other places you need connection to, as you travel through time. Developed in partnership with HARMAN, it comes loaded with 8 screens and 8 cameras and will be powered by Samsung’s very own Exynos Auto V9 SoC (System on Chip), a semiconductor for vehicle electronics, and Android 10, which allow for several features to be run at the same time.

Your Infotainment System is all but taken care of

On your travels through the fabric of time, as you see time on a spectrum from dinosaurs to artificially created humans(maybe?), you need your infotainment system to be on point. For that, you just have to log in using either facial recognition or a smartphone fingerprint reader, and the Center Information Display will show you the driver’s schedule and a range of other information.

The front display provides visual navigation information and is positioned in a way that you keep your eyes on the road as you travel through the centuries. To make sure that you don’t get distracted,the vehicle will employ QLED Local Dimming1 technology and split-screen mode.

The Dashboard display is located right underneath the Front Display and delivers visual notices and alerts. The Console Display is situated under the  Center Information Display. This acts as the nucleus of the system and controls other displays and the vehicle itself.

Your time traveler mates can connect their devices to the Digital Cockpit and stream media content as they sit chilling in the passenger seats. They can also control other elements like air conditioning, ambient lighting and vehicle speakers to make sure that they are comfortable as they spearhead into wormholes.

And in case someone gets tired on your adventures and needs a little privacy, the Digital Cockpit 2020 also features multi-zone audio which will allow every individual to listen to their own music through speakers embedded in their seats.

Safety is paramount:

The back of the vehicle comes equipped with a 53.7 inch display that will display messages like “accident ahead”. Instead of conventional rear view mirrors, the vehicle houses two 7 inch displays where you can see scenes fading as you leave the past behind.

Your car sure talks:

The vehicle will come equipped with its very own personal AI because why not? For Digital Cockpit, Samsung has designed the smarter ‘Bixby in Car’ which will communicate with the driver. So in case someone breaks in you house while you are sipping tea with George Washington, the assistant will notify you of it.

The AI also keeps a check on vehicle display like fuel and temperature.

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