Ferrari to re-commence production from the 14th of April

This would only be possible if their supply chains are not disrupted

On the 14th of March, Ferrari had decided to shut down their production plants due to the Covid 19 pandemic, and restart them by the 27th of the same month. However, taking the unpredictable nature of Covid 19 in account, Ferrari has now postponed the date of re-commencing production, to the 14th of April.

However, Ferrari’s idea of restarting their Maranello plant is directly proportionate to the consistent working of their supply chain, which means, if their supply chains are not working efficiently and bringing out the needed amount of output, their plant will not be able to function, thereby, probably leading to an even longer extension post the 14th of April, which would only further increase the backlog and losses.

Ferrari was one of the first few motor companies to call for a production shutdown, and similarly they are one of the first to call for restarting production as well. However, the situation in Italy appears bleak, and at this point, nothing can be said about the future with certainty.

Currently, there are 598,094 cases of Covid 19 in the world, from which, 86,498 cases, and 9134 deaths have been confirmed in Italy. Therefore, it is necessary for Ferrari to take steps cautiously, because the need of the hour is to help bend the curve of Coronavirus. Until the curve does not bend, the world will continue to suffer the wrath of this deadly disease.

3 weeks of lockdown have been completed in Italy, and the tragic loss of human life continues to take place. Until there is significant drop in the loss of life in Italy, and a certain control over Covid 19 is observed, then, and only then can Ferrari think of re-commencing operations of production in their factories.



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